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LandGrab Changelog
4.8.2 Oct 5 Fixed an exploit that would allow viewing game history on Fog of War games that were not yet finished.
Fixed double-loss on leaving a game in which you had already been defeated.
Added stat repair on rejoining a game. Gives back LandGrab Rating and returns the loss, if you are still active when rejoining.
4.8.2 Feb 19 Undisclosed security fix.
4.8.1 Oct 4 Better computer AI turn start delay logic
Tweaked gradient on army counters
LandGrab Rating fix
Board scrolling fix
Game sort "Comparison method violates its general contract!" fix
Render problem with army boxes in territroy selection games
4.8.0 Oct 2 Account membership changes (Free, Casual, Premium)
Dice roll statistics
Graphics freshening
Game tools (attack path, fortify path, attack coverage)
Fixed broken forums link when not logged in.
Fixed LandGrab Rating deducting too many points in some circumstances.
Wait 30 seconds before starting attacking in computer AI.
Allow computer players in tournament games.
Force capitol selection on round 3 if not already done (during turn skip)
Include games where users have quit or borged in game search when searching by user.
Board layout / scroll changes for wide boards
Handle game rejoins in the realtime board
Initial REST API methods
4.7.0 Apr 7 Mute button to mute all messages from a particular user.
LandGrab Rating now a floating point number instead of whole integer.
LandGrab Rating calculation fix: don't include winner's rating in the awarded points.
LandGrab Rating : no rating points awarded against playing bots.
Play a notification sound / blink icon when receiving a new unread urgent notification (such as a realtime game start).
In capital games, don't allow autopilot before the 3rd round.
New game scrolling wasn't working in Firefox
Fixed a bug during path fortification in large maps which caused endless loops.
Lift Fog of War after games end.
Create Game "specific" map auto-complete box.
Fixed Map Browser checkbox (map selection for game creation screen)
4.6.2 Mar 3 Show all borged games in the home page, not limited to the first 10.
Added LandGrab Rating.
Added options to show up to the top 1000 on the stats boards.
4.6.1 Feb 16 Game creation screen will now pick the "map filter" dropdown if you don't have any favorite maps.
Fixed message posting to preserve carriage returns.
Added the option to send turn reminders for realtime games.
4.6.0 Dec 20 Map classifications, favorite map list, map filtering additions.
Fixed the leader-placement end-of-turn bug.
Fixed a problem where you couldn't commandeer borged teammates.
Fixed a problem that wasn't allowing rejoin to happen when it should, and allowed some people to rejoin games after the 2 round limit.
Game nicknames can now be no longer than 50 characters.
Cleaned up some XSS vulnerabilities.
Fixed a problem where nicknames could be used that already belonged to other users.
Changed the button text in territory ownership change (team games) from "cancel" to "end turn"
Fixed a performance bug that would cause CPU usage to spin around 30%.
4.5.10 Oct 19 Virus cards.
4.5.9 Aug 9 Fixed a bug in bridges and walls game where a player rejoins (causing a problem with ending turns).
Added the card trade-in option of "Only during turn".
Fixed a bridges and walls bug that could still allow subgraphs to be created.
4.5.8 Jul 2 Fixed Location, Location, Location! achievement
Fixed a bug ending games with computer players (non-borg)
Fixed a bug trying to end turns on some older games.
4.5.7 May 22 Virus tweaks
Achievements cross referencing (now you can see which users have a given achievement).
Borgs will not attack during the first 2 rounds after they become borgs, and the borg is noted with a "(rejoinable)" tag during those two rounds.
Font tweaks
4.5.6 May 16 Fixed the following non-functional achievements: Around the World, Rampage, Perfect Violence, Blitzkrieg, Minuteman
Autopilot was causing some games to hang when it was activated.
Players were getting double points when rejoining a game.
Don't attempt to get more than 5 cards in autopilot
Fixed a problem that would allow invitees to join games that had already started, thus leaving the game unplayable.
4.5.5 May 5 Fixed coins being awarded for Around The World before it was finished.
Tourist achievement wasn't working.
Fixed a bug that was causing attacks, fortifications and the realtime board to fail with "Error".
4.5.4 May 1 Fixed, re-enabled auto pilot.
Update 60 second timeout when building / dismantling bridges and walls.
Rampage, Perfect Violence, Blitzkrieg achievements weren't working.
Coins weren't being awarded for a number of achievements.
Assign coins on winning a singles game.
Fixed a problem where flat-rate games with computers would not allow the computers to take turns.
Game rejoining wasn't working from Internet Explorer.
Stats boards were showing players with less than 20 games.
Completely taking out an opponent isn't considered a suicide for suicide prevention.
4.5.3 Apr 28 Coins were being awarded multiple times for the same achievement
Could not dismantle any bridges.
Fixed a typo in an achievement text.
4.5.2 Apr 27 You can no longer create subgraphs ("islands") when building walls or tearing down bridges.
Bridges and walls weren't drawn if the game was paused.
Borgification wasn't transferring bridge ownership
Tweaked suicide prevention formula slightly, should catch fewer false positives.
Show bridges and walls in registrar
Fixed an error message about building a bridge when should have been wall.
Fixed the control panel not keeping up with scroll in Firefox 4.
4.5.1 Apr 26 PayPal purchases of coins wasn't working properly.
Fixed history playback
Fixed map jumping around when clicking on it.
Only show active games where the borg is still alive in the recently borged list.
Invitation list wasn't working properly
Commandeers were being assigned to incorrect games.
4.5.0 Apr 26 2011 LandGrab Coins, Marketplace
Bridges and Walls
Feature #67 (the most-voted feature) : Option to hide ownership and reinforcement counts in fog of war games.
Lots of new achievements to earn, many ideas taken from the LandGrab community
Realtime changes (1 at a time for free accounts, realtime tokens for additional)
Ability to rejoin borged or quit games
Ability to commandeer armies and land from borged teammates
Suicide Prevention 2.0
No longer required to provide a valid email address to play.
You can now send invitations to any LandGrab user by account name, with needing to first add them to your buddy list.
Bugs fixed:
#54 : borg always shows zero card count in realtime board.
#71 : some private team messages were being displayed as public.
#74 : forums PM links on the home page don't work sometimes.
#84 : history playback doesn't work for anonymous viewers.
#88 : conquered teammates get a win and a loss if the team wins
#89 : borg should trade in to get under 5 cards
#90 : map editor can't handle multiple spaces or spaces on the end/start of territory/continent names.
#91 : sometimes (turn skip or card bonus), a player could go over the 10,000 army limit on a territory.
#92 : in history playback, colors are dropped for borged players
#93 : trading in cards doesn't extend the turn timeout activity check (60 seconds)
#94 : sometimes messages are posted in the wrong game.
#100 : eye dropper tool in map editor just produces "error" when clicking the map in firefox
4.0.2 Mar 17 2010 Fixed a bug that would cause an empty screen / error when trying to add computer players to team games.
"View Cards" setting was showing incorrect value.
Show the correct player color in the player table below the map (bug only in Internet Explorer).
People not registered in games were able to deny pauses.
4.0.1 Mar 4 2010 Temporarily disabled Suicide Protection until it's more ready
Newly-earned achievements weren't being shown on the user profile page.
Tweaked some of the score badge icons
Darkened the game name text in open game list for better contrast
Game info bar above the board was showing incorrect "Next" card trade-in value (was always showing 4 for escalating card games.)
Fixed much of the Internet Explorer rendering problems with the new UI.
Messages link slowly blinks when there are unread messages.
Color computer players in the computer table red and conqured players as a dark gray. Added a white arrow showing your position in the game.
4.0.0 Feb 27 2010 New look! Thanks to foist's magical hands, LandGrab has never looked better!
Stalemate Avoidance progress meter
Tournament winner icons on user profile page
Suicide Protection
Checkbox to show/hide all attack report icons.
Fixed a DB connection that wasn't closing in attack report logging.
Fixed a bug that wasn't showing private message recipients select box when private messages were enabled.
3.14.1 Dec 15 2009 Attack reports weren't showing up properly for many games.
Don't show attack reports for the current player from the past round.
Current turn player was not being set in GameListService API calls.
3.14.0 Dec 13 2009 More forum login fixes
Added an option to pick the size of games shown in your recently completed list, including zero.
Team turn order setting
Huge-army stalemate avoidance system
Last-round attack reports
Dice roll animation / delay.
Tournament administrator role (5 game limit fix for tournament-created games)
Fixed a bug that would allow a player to add extra leaders.
In team games, all computer players use the same settings.
Default messages in team games is now private.
Fixed a threading issue that was causing the server to run out of memory when building caches.
Fixed two bugs where a player could double-post armies during territory-selected games
Various API fixes.
Code of Conduct agreement
3.13.1 Nov 22 2009 Log performance: distribute log to 20 different tables to alleviate table locking.
Bug 81: Update 60 second last-activity on army placement.
Added a "Recently Completed" games section to the home page - showing your most recent 10 completed / borged games
Possible fix for the empty forum (logout/login) problem.
Fixed some invalid messages in the draft / publish phase of the map editor
Added the ability to upload and specify a PNG for territory names in the map editor
3.13.0 Oct 21 2009 Major API framework changes: now using Apache CXF instead of Axis.
New webservice functionality: Foes, Buddies (and associated notes) are available. Points per player per game are available.
Fixed game points for borged users in player table
Fixed new game entry visualization
Reworked the Map Browser to handle the large number of maps that we've accrued.
Map play-testing mode.
Fixed an "Error" message when saving territories in the map editor.
3.12.4 Aug 16 2009 Updated Game Creation web service API to handle new options (territory selection, turn length)
You can no longer create more than 5 unstarted games at once.
You can no longer leave games which you've created while they're still in registration mode.
3.12.3 Aug 14 2009 Removed turn reminders, simplified turn length to one setting.
Show icons on the home screen for the main game options.
The Territory-selection option wasn't working properly in team games, leader games and capital games.
Cards screen wasn't visible to non-players in team games.
Timers were showing when game was in registration mode.
3.12.2 Aug 07 2009 Fixed timers in initial army placement
Implementation of territory snapshots for new games' history playback (should greatly improve performance over time)
In-memory caching of game settings and statuses
Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow a player to place all turn armies in territory-selected games.
Fixed a bug that would cause a borg to place armies immediately in territory-selected games.
Added fog of war and territory-selection settings to game flavors
Computer AI in selected-territory games wasn't doing correct turn changing in some cases.
3.12.1 Aug 05 2009 Fixed territory selection option (re-enabled)
Delete 30 day-old games with only computers that never started.
Turn skipping during initial placement phase
3.12.0 Aug 04 2009 Territory selection option
New notification system / UI
Fixed a bug that would corrupt territories if armies were placed in a certain sequence when using multiple windows or tabs
"Admin Mode" tool for admins
Popup messages are now centered properly
Fixed a bug that would cause a map to become corrupt if spaces were added on the beginning or end of a territory name.
3.11.6 May 28 2009 Fixed bug 73.
3.11.5 May 25 2009 Various database schema and SQL changes to improve performance
INSERT DELAYED for logs and territory savepoints
OpenID support for external auth providers. You can now log in with, for example, your google or yahoo account.
A new database backup system.
3.11.4 Apr 19 2009 Opponent count stat query optimiziation
Player order was not correct on the home screen.
Fixed a bug where games with "[NEUTRAL]" player would cause and "Error" message in realtime board.
3.11.3 Apr 12 2009 Fixed links (messages, map, etc) in home page game boxes.
Fixed web services to not show "fogged" game data in fog of war games.
Fixed a bug in the GameSummarySoapBean - turnNumber was giving the incorrect value.
Added a player list cache to help reduce database load.
Various web service doc fixes.
Added two new LogService methods: getLogsSince() and getLogsSinceID()
3.11.2 Apr 5 2009 Performance enhancement: Fixed a slow query which was eating a lot of CPU
The entire section in the home page is now clickable to load the game
Fixed an "Error" bug in realtime board for team games.
Fixed an unchecked map rating form value
Fixed bug #13 : realtime messages out of order
Fixed bug #14 : realtime messages load slowly
Fixed bug #39 : deleted messages still show up on the realtime board.
Updated prototype and scriptaculous to latest versions.
3.11.1 Mar 18 2009 Fixed ConcurrentModificationException when trying to set logged in user ID's.
Fogging in team games wasn't working properly
Fixed a bug in ViewStats if the user wasn't logged in
Fixed a NullPointerException when trying to leave or delete a game
Fixed a NullPointerException when clicking "X unread messages" on the home screen.
3.11.0 Mar 15 2009 Implemented Fog of War option
Cross-game curruption fixes (extra cards, turn skips, etc)
Fixed random color picker to choose only colors that are available
Move completed games into different tables, should speedup the site considerably.
Fixed army placement in place-immediately card turnin games
Cap territories at 10,000 at placement time so games don't get stuck
Fixed a map editor bug where deleting or renaming a territory would corrupt the borders
The number of cards taken when conquering a player is now recorded in the log
3.10.0 Feb 7 2009 Fixed card assignment issues (extra cards / no card given)
Speedup for turn ending process
Fixed bug when clicking the help icon in Settings next to the Advanced Attack Option checkbox
Fixed some computer AI stalling problems
Fixed computer stealing leader problem (bug 61)
Fixed a problem where you couldn't place armies and/or place your final leader (bug 60).
Fixed PM problem in forums (bug 36)
3.9.0 Jan 1 2009 Added player background images
Added random unused color picker
Timer requests now require a pause duration (from 1 to 30 days)
Fixed a bug where double-click attacking a capitol would try to attack with 3 attackers
Added server load percentage to the home screen
Auto-borging idle players after 1 month (14 days for people with 0 score).
Don't allow placing more troops after maximum armies (10,000 * number of territories)
3.8.2 Dec 11 2008 Reworked the way the Home screen uses memory to be much more efficient.
Added "advanced attack controls"
Made the neutral "borg" work with teams when using flat-rate.
Fixed the map image upload not working in the map editor
Fixed map deletion not working in the map editor
3.8.1 Dec 6 2008 Reworked log pagination to use much less memory.
3.8.0 Nov 9 2008 Added continent bonus escalation for escalating card value games.
Fixed a bug that wouldn't start games with 1 human player and computers.
Add a neutral bot to flat rate games when needed to take the remaining armies for an equal spread.
Fixed a bug in the create game service.
3.7.6 Oct 5 2008 Fixed assigning map categories in the map editor.
Drastic reduction in byte count transferred for the board and home screens.
Fixed invitation linking when using the "invitationNames" argument in the CreateGameService API.
3.7.5 Sep 23 2008 Card trade-in possible when 0 armies will be given
Tab buttons work in IE again
Save button works in the map editor again
3.7.4 Sep 21 2008 New buttons/tabs, game rules bar designed by lotuscreative
Color-coded logs, designed by lotuscreative
Fixed bug 98 : neutral borgs weren't placing capitols.
Fixed Bug 88 : make the arrow-drawing an option [CaptainCaptin]
Fixed bug 37 : you can create a game with 1 person [CaptainCaptin]
Fixed bug 89 : Remove the 16 player restriction [CaptainCaptin]
Fixed bug 44 : don't show continents table when in a territory-area only game [CaptainCaptin]
Tweaked how cards are handled: Now, you get the greatest amount of armies possible for each given turn-in. [CaptainCaptin]
Added a dispersion slider to the "Forced Dispersion" option so that the game creator can decide how dispersed the initial armies should be.
Fixed bug 96 : "Flawless" achievement wasn't being awarded.
Old games are now archived. Games which have finished over 6 months ago will be archived -- messages, history and logs will not be available for those games.
Fixed bug 95 : added inline help to the Stalemate Crusher option.
Added getLogsByType() method to LogService API
3.7.3 Aug 26 2008 Calculating expected win ratio correctly. (thanks Dylan)
Fixed an "Invalid Argument" javascript error in the registrar page when clicking the "about map" link in IE. (thanks ambience)
Implemented feature 86 : adding armies will add all remaining if there are fewer armies in holding than the amount selected to place. (thanks CaptainCaptin)
Fixed opponent stat counts (only count games that have completed or the user has borg'd/quit from).
Implemented feature 35 : games which have no turn skipping are much easier to see now.
Fixed forced dispersement calculation (and re-enabled the feature)
3.7.2 Aug 20 2008 4 achievements were being awarded when they shouldn't have been.
3.7.1 Aug 19 2008 Fixed "Error" message when winning a game
Fixed some forum login problems
Fixed a null pointer exception when creating a game
Fixed a null pointer exception when attempting to join a game
3.7.0 Aug 18 2008 Added achievements, "My Profile" link on main page
Implemented feature 81 : Added a new "force dispersement" option to "Placed" initial army types.
Fixed bug 66 : First round reinforcemnts are 3 for all players, regardless of territory ownership.
Implemented feature 57 : Fibonacci card option when down to 3 players ("Stalemate Crusher").
Implemented feature 79 : Added game number to game search form.
Implemented feature 69 : open public games filter
Added Autoplay buttons to history playback.
Implemented feature 80 : Added the "Expected win ratio" to user profile and stats boards
Implemented feature 67 : Added a "Compare My Stats" button when looking at another user's stats.
Implemented feature 74 : Added borg aggression factor to the borg name (or "N" for neutral, "NR" for no reinforcements)
Fixed bug 72 : show wild card ratio on registrar and cards screen (only applicable to newly-created games).
Fixed bug 76 : give correct team points to surviving teammates.
Fixed a bug where opponent stats (total and unique) weren't updated for a player who won a game.
Fixed a bug where open slots were being counted toward opponent counts
Fixed bug 75 : Don't allow a non-premium user to create more than 4 games (thanks to curt for spotting this one!)
When leaving a game, if you're already conquered, don't use append "quitter", instead append "left game".
Fixed bug 70 : Don't show open public games from people who have foed you.
Fixed bug: Bonus points weren't being calculated correctly when there were borgified human players in a game.
Attempting to use facebook's new profile API.
Removed extraneous "it's your turn" reminder when placing a final leader.
Fixed bug 78 : providing multiple players in a game search will now find all games that contain all listed players instead of games that included at least one.
Removed the ability to delete games that are in "initial placement mode".
3.6.0 Jul 21 2008 Lots of work on scenarios (although none of it is yet visible/usable).
Show teammate card symbols on territories if view cards is enabled (team cards have a blue outline).
Implemented feature 60 : territory highlighting during attacks and when clicking on players, teams or continents.
Implemented feature 56 : When showing the user IP conflict message, show which users/IP's conflict.
Implemented feature 34 : Added game creator name to invitation email.
Implemented feature 63 : Don't show open public games that cannot be joined due to min or max score restrictions
Fixed bug 62 : timers dying on certain "corrupt" games.
Fixed bug 54 : added the players tables back to the history playback view.
Fixed bug 55 : email notification was being sent on game over / turn skipped even if set to "none".
Fixed bug 61 : show in-game message times in user's selected timezone.
Fixed bug 51 : the first attack in an "attack continuously" wasn't being shown in the result box.
Fixed bug 53 : added a lock to attacks so that double attacks are no longer possible.
Fixed a bug where computer-only games would continue to play.
Fixed a bug that showed incorrect maps when filtering "less than X territories".
3.5.0 May 15 2008 Facebook support: friends are shown in the buddies list, Facebook notifications, profile box.
Various small UI updates, fixes and changes.
Fixed a bug that would show incorrect order of players in player table.
3.4.5 Apr 23 2008 Fixed an issue that wouldn't allow nicknames with apostrophes
Fixed invitationNames in GameCreationService (WS API)
Dice rolling now uses /dev/urandom only -- should result in more random dice.
3.4.4 Apr 16 2008 Fixed the following bugs:
- too many people being allowed to join a team
- more players than public slots created
- one player starting the game with more armies than the rest
- one player continually being skipped
3.4.3 Apr 5 2008 Web Service API changes/additions, as described here.
Synchronization locks around game starting -- this should help resolve some of the game start bugs (incorrect number of armies for 1 person, etc)
Game start notifications for flat-rate army games.
More logging to help identify some bugs.
3.4.2 Mar 28 2008 Map maximum width option added to Settings page
3.4.1 Mar 27 2008 Several fixes for shared IP checks.
3.4.0 Mar 23 2008 Added the ability to delete messages.
Added game creation time to registrar.
Shared IP checks for multi accounts.
Show the next card trade in value (for escalating and rotation cards) in the information bar above the map.
Bugfix: team 6 in team games would show as not full, even when it was -- allowing others to join it after it was full.
Bugfix: don't allow public slots / additional invitations after a game starts that would create a game with too few cards.
Bugfix: joining a game with a long player nickname would cause a user to be "half-registered" in a game
Bugfix: map filtering by rating wasn't working in the Create-A-Game screen
Bugfix: first-time loading was causing problems (especially in IE)
Bugfix: sometimes the "march troops" option would show up twice, which could mess up the troop march to only march 1 army instead of the requested number.
Bugfix: duplicate messages showing up in team games
Bugfix: defenders were winning more dice rolls than should be when the server was especially busy.
3.3.3 Feb 23 2007 Added better map filtering (you can now filter based on category and map size)
Fixed right-clicking on territories in IE7
Fixed the map editor line drawing in IE7
Fixed a bug that would show an HTTP 500 error on trying to join an invitation of a deleted game
Fixed the "TypeError: ctc has no properties" bug in realtime view after a player is conquered.
3.3.2 Feb 10 2007 Completely new IM system. Instant messaging should be working again (ICQ was removed, Google Talk was added)
One-way borders are now supported.
Using a new line-drawing method which is much faster (this should make the map editor much faster when defining borders on a large map).
Small computer AI work to make the computer a little less predictable.
Fixed a bug in the Registrar that would sometimes not show the game creator.
Fixed a bug in the Registrar that would sometimes show a game as being blocked (either from foe lists, or scoring restrictions) when not applicable
3.3.1 Jan 06 2007 Huge scoring changes, index is back (with the "Denver Index" formula)
Various Internet Explorer fixes
Map Browser, sort by author is now case insensitive.
3.3.0 Dec 09 2007 Don't borgify or skip a turn if there has been activity within the last 60 seconds.
Added a "maximum loss" option to the attack continuously button.
Added cards to the "View Board" and "Realtime View" screens.
Added the ability to pause and resume timers for a specific game
Added games with unread messages to the top group when game grouping is enabled on the home page.
Disable private messages by default in newly-created games.
Added paging buttons to the top of the logging page, changed the page to 500 lines per page.
Added a timezone setting that will format times in the log and history playback to the user's local timezone
3.2.1 Nov 05 2007 Fixed a bug where the last survivor of a game (or survivors in a team game) wouldn't get their base points.
Reset the timer in realtime boards when the turn changes.
Fixed a bug where a player with no score would hang a game when he or she was conquered.
3.2.0 Nov 04 2007 New scoring and points system, as described here Sorting / grouping of games in the Home screen.
Upgraded the IM sending library which should make all the IM work again, includes added support for MSN.
Show a notification of private messages in the forums on the home page
Show a countdown "time left" timer on the board.
Fixed the stats at the bottom of the forums page (num users, latest user, etc)
Show buddies and foes icon on home page and in players table next to the player name
Neutral computer player options, including borgification to neutral player.
Fixed two map editor bugs: fortification and author attributes weren't being saved properly.
3.1.0 Sept 6 2007 New forum software: updated to phpBB 3.0.
Fixed a number of issues with borgification.
New card look
New default earth map, courtesy of Foist
Several new anti-cheating and abuse handling tools (mostly only visible to the admin).
3.0.3 June 28 2007 Borgification during initial army placement would cause the borg to freeze up.
Computer nicknames weren't being checked for the same validity checks as normal player nicknames.
More work around game joining synchronization / thread locking.
Make sure territory and continent names are valid for JavaScript.
Make sure a player always has at least 1 army to place during initial placement (if not flat-rate placement).
If you've used a public slot when joining a game, and you leave that game, the public slots will be bumped up by 1.
Show the game creator on the rules/registrar page.
Fixed a bug that would allow games that had already started to still show in the public games column.
The Game Search screen's "realtime only" criteria wasn't working correctly.
Don't allow the game creator to leave a game that's still in registration mode.
Make the Computer AI a little smarter when playing capitol games.
GameSearch "created today" wasn't working correctly.
When changing a territory name in the map editor, the border lists weren't updated, causing a corrupt map.xml file.
Added a "Tools" navigational menu item with links to the map editor, map browser and game search.
3.0.2 June 9 2007 New navigational menu system.
Allow anonymous users to browse games.
Conversion ratio in capitol games is now a random number between 50% and 100%.
Fixed a bug in the map editor that wasn't setting the "contains fortresses" flag correctly.
Fixed a Computer AI bug that would fortify to non-owned territories when border-type fortification was used.
3.0.1 May 23 2007 Don't send turn notifications or invitation reminders for realtime games.
Fixed a bug with leader placement in games with flat-rate initial armies and card trade-in placement set to immediate.
Don't require a logout after an account membership has been upgraded.
Show a left border on highlighted games.
Don't show public messages in the private messages column.
Show the "leave game" link on the Home Screen when in detailed view.
Immediate account activation for purchases.
Some graphic improvements to the banner and home page.
Save initial army placement settings in game flavor
3.0 May 15 2007 New look, thanks to Foist and Auto for the help.
Game search -- now you can search through all games.
Initial armies flat-rate option: using this option will start the game with the given number of armies on each territory.
Messages screen layout change: private and public messages are side by side in two columns.
Messages screen now shows private messages sent by you.
Added the option to place armies immediately after trading in cards.
Nationality setting -- shows the flag and country of the user, if set.
Color picker wouldn't show up in IE7 on the registrar page.
Endorsed maps filter
Fixed a bug where selecting a map in the map browser didn't select it in the New Game screen.
Fixed an email notification problem -- setting turn notification type to "None" would still send email.
Premium account restriction has been modified to only restrict for 4 games in which you have not yet been defeated.
Retooled the timer system to be much more efficient, allowing for better realtime games: added 5, 10 minute timeouts, added "0" as an option for number of turn reminders.
Fixed a problem with the realtime board getting out of sync after a borgification.
Fixed a bug with the map editor that wouldn't show territory updates immediately in the "current territories" box.
Added preferred nicknames. Preferred nickname and login name can only be used in games by the owner of that name.
2.8.1 March 13 2007 Card symbols would disappear after conquering a territory.
Computer players were getting 2x their normal armies on the first turn.
Default team colors weren't being set correctly.
Game points weren't being recorded in the payer table correctly for conquering another player.
2.8.0 March 28 2007 Show conquered games in gray on the home page
Added a referral system. Refer a friend and you could win a year's membership.
Message links on the home page go directly to the messages screen for that game
Map Browser and New Game screen load speedup.
Show a link to the original player when someone quits or is borgified.
When navigating away from the game board, when it's still your turn and it's in one of the last turn phases, show a reminder message.
Show the actual card symbol on the map (circle, diamod or star).
Added team color setting, team games have team color outlines in the army boxes.
Added "points" column to player table -- this shows the number of points earned in the current game.
Show the team table in history playback
Fixed a bug that would occur when rating a map.
Card screen will not show conquered teammates in the "donate cards" dropdown anymore.
Added "Membership" box to home page, which includes a link to Gift Certificates and the new Referral screen.
Fixed a layout issue in the history playback screen.
Fixed a bug where some players would get more armies than others in the beginning
2.7.1 March 13 2007 Added the map browser
Fixed a map editor bug where editing a territory would remove the borders for that territory.
Fixed the player's index value on the player stats page (again)
Fixed a map editor bug where you couldn't edit a territory with a space in the name.
Speedup for adding borders in the map editor (removing borders is still slow)
2.7.0 March 10 2007 New map editor
Tweaked index calculation to take less value on score.
Implemented a better text color formula (thanks to Foist).
2.6.2 January 23 2007 Fixed a bug where you couldn't view the "about map" dialog if you didn't have a premium account and were already in 4 or more games.
Fixed a long-standing nasty bug where turns would be skipped with no warning.
Fixed a card trade-in bug: you wouldn't always get the bonus armies for owned territories if you were using multiple browser windows/tabs.
Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow you to see teammates' cards in Internet Explorer.
Fixed the index value on the user screen so it displays the correct value.
2.6.1 December 20 2006 Added a new game option: reinforcement type.
Show unanswered invitations on the home page if we know the player.
Added "LandGrab Index" scoring system.
Show LandGrab Index and Score on the home page, selectable by dropdown
Fixed a bug where the game option icons weren't showing up correctly for "my active games".
Fixed a bug where the attacked territory wasn't updated after a loss when using the attack continuously button.
2.6.0 December 10 2006 Added personal game notes.
Fixed some open database connections in MessageLoader and DBCreator.
Added an option to show home page in "Compact View" or "Detailed View".
Show some of the game options, such as leaders, capitols and teams on the home page for public games and active games.
Only show top ten / twenty stats for users who have competed a turn in the last 3 months.
Allow capitol placement to be delayed up to round 3.
Changed top ten list to be by points per game.
Fixed a bug where trying to view an invalid game would show a null pointer screen until cookies were cleared.
Added premium account functionality.
Added gift certificates.
Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow computer stuck in initial army placement mode to continue.
2.5.2 November 19 2006 Show a background pattern for "not owned" continents.
Fixed completed games viewing.
Fixed some computer AI issues that would stall computers every now and then.
Optimized the size of javascript files somewhat, enabled gzip compression for all pages. Page downloads should be cut roughly in half.
Show the card bonus information in the cards screen.
Show minimum details on home page with a link to show more.
2.5.1 October 22 2006 Added a "Add all remaining" and "Remove all" to the army placement dropdown list.
Added an Attack Continuously button
Fixed a few DB upgrade related problems
2.5.0 October 20 2006 Some minor computer AI improvements -- made them play a little better in team games, game them a small boost of courage.
Fixed a bug where setting the min or max rank allowed/required to default values didn't work (showing a broken image link)
Implemented a normalized database, implemented JDBC 2.0 pooling.
Show number of cards for each player on the board's player table
Realtime View button only shows up when it's usable
Fixed a null pointer problem on the home page
2.4.0 September 19 2006 Reworked the New Game screen quite a bit to make it simpler and user user friendly. I've added a new feature called "game flavors" which allows you to save a game setup as a template for future game creations. There are some standard flavors already configured which I believe are the most popular game types.
Added a user game list which shows all games that a particular user is registered in. The user stats screen (clicking on a user shows this) has a link to the user's game list.
Fixed a bug that would show errors when trying to post a private message to "My Team" when your team had a computer player (or a borg/quitter).
2.3.1 September 9 2006 New Feature: Allow the game creator to specify minimum and maximum allowed rankings.
Bug Fix: Foes couldn't join any games after they tried to join a blocked game.
Bug Fix: Realtime View problems when trying to view more than 1 game at a time in realtime.
Bug Fix: Reinforcment count on realtime board didn't show minimum of 3.
Bug Fix: Realtime view would sometimes give an error message about "arc" not being defined.
Bug Fix: Realtime view didn't allow posting of private messages.
Bug Fix: Don't allow 0 fortifications.
2.3.0 August 31 2006 Realtime view
Fixed a bug that allowed ownership changes of capitols and leaders in team games.
Fixed a bug that would give 100 points to teams when playing only against computers.
Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow a user to place a second leader when only 2 territories were owned.
2.2.1 Aug 21 2006 Enable progressive jpeg upload on Internet Explorer. Should fix most of the "image was not a JPEG" problems when creating a map with Internet Explorer.
Streamlined map editor a small amount: defining territory verticies is done more client-side now, so you don't have to reload the page after every territory vertex click.
Show the number of public slots open in a game on the home page.
2.2.0 August 14 2006 Added "Foes / Ignore" list. Users on your foe list won't be able to join games you create.
Fixed private messages in "no alliance team games". When enabling "no alliance" in team games, private messages can now be sent to team members (but only to the entire team).
Fixed a team name / member display problem on the home page when no members had joined a team yet.
Fixed a problem where 10 points weren't being given to all players when a player was conquered.
Fixed a borgification problem that would borgify inactive players when borgification wasn't enabled for the game.
Denote 1 hour / 30 minute / 15 minute games as "realtime".
Fixed the timer bar for games in initial army placement mode.
Fixed an issue with users not being synced with forum accounts when using long usernames.
2.1.1 August 11 2006 Fixed an annoying bug that would update a user's turn number to 0, thus leading to that person never getting a turn in a game.
Optimized timer code, now timer runs every 15 minutes, allowing for 1 hour, 30 and 15 minute game timeouts.
Fixed the timer bar on the home page to be more intuitive. The full bar shows all time that the user has until he or she is skipped. The vertical lines represent when reminders are sent.
2.1.0 July 27 2006 Fixed a bunch of issues related to starting games with the wrong number of players in team games.
Sometimes a user's online lightbulb wasn't showing online correctly
Show game options above the board
Fixed an issue with Internet Explorer not allowing troop marching after page reload
Implemented "number of fortifications" setting
2.0.2 July 25 2006 Map rating system implemented.
More random card assigning.
2.0.1 July 19 2006 Better team play setup management. When creating a team game you must specify how many players per team, which is enforced when players sign up.
Optimized loading of the Home screen, should be quicker now
2.0.0 July 14 2006 Added team play.
Added "Buddies" system.
Added Statistics Board with top 20 lists.
Added online indicator.
Reworked icon/menu system.
Changed look to something more colorful.
Sort game maps alphabetically in map list.
Clicking on the map image thumbnail in the "About Map" screen will show the full sized image.
1.7.0 June 14 2006 Added history playback capability. When you have a game loaded, the round number and turn number are displayed in the game status box (at the top of the screen, in the dark gray box). Next to these numbers is a link to playback the history. This will allow you to graphically step through the turns that have completed so far.
Added an RSS feed to show your current active games.
Show number of games waiting on you, highlight waiting games more prominently.
Fixed bug: when leaving a game if you had already been defeated, would be marked as a loss twice.
1.6.3 June 08 2006 Fixed stack trace bug when viewing map from homa page.
Fixed stack trace bug when viewing a game that you're not registered in.
Don't allow a game to be deleted once it's started.
1.6.2 June 06 2006 Rewrote instant messenger system. Should work now. Added AIM, ICQ and Jabber, but removed MSN.
Fixed problem where computer player would place a leader when it wasn't a leader game.
Fixed a problem where the game winner wasn't getting the 100 points for the win. If you won a game in the last two days (since 1.6.1 was released), let me know the game number and I'll credit you the points.
1.6.1 June 04 2006 bugfix: allow players to place capitols if they didn't in initial placement (for old games)
show card symbols for all territories (not just owned ones).
1.6.0 June 03 2006 Give 10 points to everyone when a player is defeated
Added 25/100 menu items to add/remove army dropdowns
Made it possible to select a fortress as a capitol; this will remove the fortresses defensive bonus while it is a capitol.
Moved capitol/first leader placement to the initial army placement phase; makes it more fair for the first turn. Show card icons on the board for territories of owned cards.
Show map name for each game on home page
1.5.6 May 23 2006 Fixed a bug where inconsistent armies were given to players where two players joined a game at the same time.
Added logging: attack from territory and initial army placement.
1.5.5 May 16 2006 Added top ten list to the home page
Added badge icons to public game list
Added LandGrab stats.
Fixed a bug where games weren't ending properly
Made it possible to view games which you aren't in.
1.5.4 May 15 2006 Changed some details with stats: no stats are recorded for winning against computers or conquering computers.
Added score to stats
Added score badge icons.
1.5.3 May 11 2006 Added email verification.
1.5.2 April 25 2006 When viewing private messages, you can now see what the message is in reference to (your original message).
Added a "time left" guage to the home page which shows how much time is left for the curren't player's turn before he or she is skipped.
Set default time for reminders to be 24 hours instead of 48.
1.5.1 April 20 2006 As with any good .0 release, quickly followed by a .1 release:
This release was mostly an Internet Explorer bugfix release.
Fixed the color picker so it works with IE and Safari, fixed game join problem with IE and the color picker.
Added a "forgotten password" link to email a password to the email address on file for the account.
1.5.0 April 18 2006 Fixed bug which showed incorrect player on stats page after viewing a computer player.
Fixed problem where borgified player's names were not being set.
Don't tag a player who has left a game as borgified, rather mark them as "quitter".
Save state after conquering a territory to the DB. Previously after conquering a territory, if a player quit the web browser (or it crashed, or the connection died), he or she would not be able to march troops into the newly-conquered territory. This is now fixed which should make LandGrab completely failsafe WRT connection breakage.
Fixed a couple of Internet Explorer bugs, including not being able to send private messages (thanks FBGs for finding that one).
Better color handling for player and territory colors. Allows usage of more/custom colors.
Tooltip rework:
  • Colored tooltips according to territory's continent.
  • Show territory's continent on tooltip.
  • Added a button on the tooltip to show borders of the territory.
  • Tooltip doesn't follow mouse.
  • Enabling tooltip is now a saved user preference which persists across games/screens.
Some small UI changes (buttons, etc).
1.4.3 March 29 2006 Borgify players that haven't placed initial armies after the timeout.
     Read this message about borgification on existing games:
Fixed borgify setting -- was disabled for all games regardless of setting.
Added the option to leave a game -- you will be converted to a computer player.
Show computer player information when clicking a computer player.
Added 6 and 2 hour turn timeout options.
Show turn timeout/skipping/borgification details in game details screen.
1.4.2 March 27 2006 Fixed a couple of critical regression bugs:
Games with computer players would end early if there was only one human player left.
Borgification wasn't working correctly.
1.4.1 March 23 2006 Implemented an option to automatically borgify inactive players.
Fixed a bug where traded-in cards were not being removed from a player's deck.
Fixed bug in game creation where the map would always return to Earth when adding/removing a comptuter player or if there was an error with game creation.
Upgraded to latest version of JavaMail (Hoping it will fix the problem where email is sometimes not sent).
Start recording game creation time.
1.4.0 March 13 2006 Finished computer AI -- computer players are now available when creating new games.
Fixed some bugs with the scheduler and turn skipping / reminding.
1.3.2 March 4 2006 Fixed card trad-in bug: When trading in 2 wilds and another card, one-of-each should be granted.
Fixed bug: territory popus wouldn't appear if the owner had an apostrophe in his/her nickname.
Fixed bug where a skipped turn could have double reinforcement army placement.
Added privacy policy, added invalid email functionality.
1.3.1 Jan 31 2006 Fixed missing plst_body bug.
Fixed strange nickname bug which wouldn't allow update of player data in player table.
1.3 Jan 22 2006 Implemented AJAX for attacking phase.
Fixed random gen problem with capitol/conversion ratio.
Fixed initial army placement bug reported by Gautam.
After conquering a territory, the default troop movement is now the maximum amount possible.
Added admin maintenance warning functionality.
1.2.1 Jan 14 2006 Added turn timeout configuration on game creation screen, added turn skipping option.
1.2 Dec 29 2005 Rebuilt the notification system. Added instant messaging option for notifications. Added the user notification configuration screen.
1.1.5 Dec 14 2005 Fixed a particularly nasty bug which was not allowing newly-joined users to create valid games.
1.1.4 Dec 11 2005 Added the user list administration feature. Fixed an emailing bug.
1.1.3 Dec 08 2005 Added the administration screen with the ability to control app status.
1.1.2 Nov 28 2005 Basic foundation began for AJAX reworking.
1.1.1 Nov 13 2005 Reworked leader code. Added public games option, reworked collections to be 1.5 type-safe.
1.1 Sep 18 2005 Added help screens, reworked DB foundation. Made game map show correctly on Safari.
1.0.1 Aug 20 2005 Allow direct loading of a game based on game number.
1.0 Aug 03 2005 First fully usable version. Horray!

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