LandGrab Developer API

NOTE: This API is the SOAP API which is now deprecated and no longer maintained.

There is a new REST-based API which is work in progress. This SOAP API is currently more complete, but is much more cumbersome to work with. All new development will be done on the new REST-based API.
The REST API is explained more in the forums here:

LandGrab has a publicly-available API which can be used to interact with the LandGrab system programmatically. The API is a web service which uses SOAP as the communication protocol. The API allows visibility into the data that is available via LandGrab's web interface only. Privacy is maintained through the API in the same manner as the public web interface. User (or player) specific data can only be retrieved after authenticating as a given user.

This documentation assumes you have a basic understanding of web services, SOAP in particular. You should know what a WSDL is and how to use it, as well as how to read and write XML. Most development languages have support for SOAP-based web services built in.


1. Getting Started
1.1 Initiating a Session
1.2 Service URLs
1.3 User Authentication
2. The Services
2.1 AuthService
2.2 BoardService
2.3 CardService
2.4 GameListService
2.5 GameCreationService
2.6 LogService
2.7 MessageService
2.8 UserService
2.9 UserStatsService
3. Objects/Beans
3.1 CardSoapBean
3.2 ContinentSoapBean
3.3 GameSummarySoapBean
3.4 GameCreationSoapBean
3.5 LogSoapBean
3.6 MessageSoapBean
3.7 PlayerSoapBean
3.8 TeamSoapBean
3.9 TerritorySoapBean
3.10 UserSoapBean
3.11 UserStatsSoapBean