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All games that BrigJTP is registered in:
Fast One Friday 2 (completed)
Fast One Friday (completed)
Shutdoooooo no wait nevermind (completed)
Furlough Finale (completed)
Monday Monday Can't Trust That Day (completed)
Two-Thirds Done We Can Do This (completed)
Furlough Fun (completed)
Shutdown Showdown (completed)
Fast One Friday (completed)
Spotty Internet Cant Stop Us (completed)
New Years Resolutions (completed)
Those We Lost in 2017 (completed)
Restricted the Red Badged Reindeer (completed)
The Ninth Circle of (Critical) Hellements (completed)
Yay No Shutdown (completed)
I'm Already Sick of the Christmas Songs (completed)
What are you unthankful for? (completed)
What are you grateful for? (completed)
Always Good to Get The Crew Back Together (completed)
NAPSters Cheat More Than A Drunk Toger Woods (completed)

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