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All games that sparkleboy is registered in:
I'm thankful for (completed)
The Theme Is Animals (completed)
The Theme is Denial (completed)
The Theme Is Castles (completed)
The Theme is Sports (completed)
The Theme is TV Shows (completed)
The Theme Is Impending Doom (completed)
The Theme is Food (completed)
The Theme is Pirates (completed)
The Theme is 80s Movies (completed)
The Theme Is 70s Music (completed)
Show Your Pirate Side (completed)
The Theme is 90s music (completed)
The Theme Is 80s Music (completed)
All Things British (completed)
Summertime Gladness (completed)
Put It In the Books (completed)
Busters Stool Sample (completed)
Deck Deck Goose (completed)
Foggy teams switch up (completed)
Foggy teams (completed)
Let's keep our war foggy (completed)
Don't Believe Everything You Think (completed)
Someone has a case of the Mondays (completed)
Show me your code (completed)
Throwing it way way back Thursday (completed)
Monday Mornin' You Gave Me No Warnin' of What Was to Be (completed)
Let's take bets on when we actually get CFP back (completed)
Eval Procrastination Station (completed)
MP3 Finals Speed Game (completed)
Window Shade Police (completed)
MP3 Cometh (completed)

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