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All games that jungkerl is registered in:
Napoleon Redux XXIV
Floating Islands
euro war
Appliers War II
Eat Flanders map
ABABCB 2 - 10 players (completed)
ruready4 Zblgrag Glrk XX (completed)
i put makeup on my butt to make it real purdy (completed)
ruready4 british isles XXVI (completed)
use your snot to clean your wife's (completed)
Still One of My Favorite Maps
ruready4 british isles XXV (completed)
Lowlands Feud 20181214 (completed)
Sugar Rush Any 1 (completed)
emperor xi "the pooh" jinping's rape of china (completed)
Relevant Game Name Here (completed)
pinoy war (completed)
euro war (completed)
Nowhere to run to
Earth Increasing (completed)
bfg273--modern asia (completed)
Murder - 7 players
Sugar Rush Any 1 (completed)
Tamriel - 6 players (completed)
ruready4 EarthAntLG XXII (completed)
Trenches - 7 players (completed)
NewYorkCity (completed)
Earth with Ant (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20180919-1351) (completed)
aussie war (completed)
spain (completed)
SLX_Sicily_3108 (completed)
emperor xi's rape of far east (completed)
56656 (completed)
castle guerilla (completed)
Mafia Wars 20180725 (completed)
Japan (completed)

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