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All games that Clynn42 is registered in:
American Civil war 2019
Ho Ho homicide
Latin Golightly
Team deathmatch! (completed)
Middle Aged Gamers (completed)
Like sex in a multistorey carpark - wrong on so many levels (completed)
Muddled earth reboot (completed)
Muddled Earth (completed)
Multiple dimensions in the fog (completed)
This may be a step to far - and the lights are off (completed)
Brexit Bash (completed)
A little map - still no diplomacy - foggy capitols II (completed)
Megalomaniacs fandango (completed)
A little map - still no diplomacy - foggy capitols (completed)
A big map - no diplomancy (completed)
Endless Lands- Castles and Leaders in the Dark (completed)
Once more into the breach (completed)
Dark Ages Mayhem (completed)
Didnt we pass a castle back there? - no diplomacy (completed)
Try again (completed)
Mrs Albatross (completed)
It's a violent world, after all - no diplomacy (completed)
Chaos with Chris (completed)
EarthLG (completed)
Capital games in the fog - no diplomacy (completed)
Up Pompeii - no diplomacy (completed)
Alternative world - public diplomacy (completed)
My precious: no diplomacy (completed)
War of the Roses: Public Diplomacy (completed)
Camping with no diplomacy (completed)
Sneaky pirates in the fog (completed)
Modern Europe - no diplomacy (completed)
D2 ULC Round 3 No Blind Alleys Grp 4 (completed)
Introductory game (completed)
Something topical - no diplomacy (completed)
Camping in the fog - no diplomacy (completed)
Pirate Duel (completed)
Ship Duel (completed)
Some classic landgrab - no diplomacy (completed)
Camping in the fog - private diplomacy (completed)
The battle for the Iron Throne (completed)
Dymaxion - no diplomacy (completed)
Classic Landgrab - public diplomacy (completed)
War of The Roses - No Diplomacy (completed)
camp crystal - no diplomacy test game (completed)
My precious - public diplomacy (completed)
China with capitals, no diplomacy (completed)
Escalating cards for Logan (completed)
Middle Earth - with capitols - no diplomacy (completed)
Imperial Rome - no diplomacy (completed)
Classic Landgrab - no diplomacy (completed)
DIVISION 2 ULC Grp 4 Rd 1 Lottery in space (completed)
Nightmare before Christmas (completed)
You Caught My Eye Maps 058 (completed)
13 in the dark (completed)

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