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All games that ddornblaser is registered in:
Sengoku w Caps (completed)
Another Big Map with FOW
Castle Attack - FOW (completed)
M Theory Classic - standard rules (completed)
Big Caps map w FOW (completed)
Precious (completed)
USA Straight 50 (completed)
The Extreme Ireland (completed)
The Extreme Epica (completed)
Evil Reflected FoW (completed)
Camp Capture (completed)
M Theory Epic (completed)
Mindwarp (completed)
Time Immortal (completed)
Insurgent (completed)
Slovakia (with borgs) (completed)
Fire Emblem Goddess of Dawn (FOW) (completed)
Ghetto with Caps (completed)
Burning Lands (completed)
Armenia (completed)
Center of Disaster (completed)
The Complete Britannia (FOW) (completed)

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