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All games that hmatusiak is registered in:
Fallout 2018 (completed)
Flood Lands in the Dark- Castle and Leader Edition (completed)
Happy Holidays from Middle Earth (completed)
jelly jury judgment (completed)
LG (completed)
Insurgent in the Dark (completed)
here hare here (completed)
goat gallery gesture (completed)
Endless Lands in the Dark- Leaders and Fortresses Edition (completed)
Middle Earth
Trench Warfare - - True Fog (completed)
SLX_ExtremeAmerica12-12-2017 (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over in the Dark (completed)
Endless Lands in the Dark (completed)
Large SLOW game will take years to finish (completed)
Slow Boring Game NO SC allowed (completed)
finger fight frank (completed)
encourage excess exchange (completed)
Come play with the kings
You Caught My Eye Maps: 088
You Caught My Eye Maps: 087 (completed)
fantasy cheek farewell (completed)
Napo (completed)
Bish Bash Bosh
Jolly good show (completed)
They Might Be Giants (completed)
OPAQUE ELEVEN - 17?11?19 - NO CAPS (completed)
OPAQUE TEN - 17?11?19 - CAPS (completed)
Whoop Whoop Some Good News for Me
You Caught My Eye Maps: 083 (completed)
Bish Bash Bosh (completed)
The Sadie Hawkins Toxic Sludge Ball (completed)
Triangulation (completed)
What is your favorite candy for Halloween? (completed)
Going through Withdrawals - help a guy out (completed)
my turnips exude justice
Lands Torn Asunder (completed)
All Orchestra Spy Maps No 6 (completed)
A holy terror (completed)
Dark Ages Europe (completed)
0h I wish I could hide (completed)
The BBC has updated its cookie policy (completed)
The BBC has updated its cookie policy (completed)
The BBC has updated its cookie policy (completed)
The BBC has updated its cookie policy (completed)
The BBC has updated its cookie policy (completed)
Big Pinkus Maximus (completed)
Mean Streets - immediate card bonus placement (completed)
Slow & Steady (completed)
August (completed)
like sands through the hourglass (completed)
Fake News (completed)
Somebody give me a life boat
Big Game Hunter (completed)
Endless Lands VI (completed)
always choose on the basis of love
Wildearth (completed)
NYC 3-DAY TURNS (completed)
Middle East Chaos - Don't trust anyone (completed)
my driving scares me too
ENDLESS LANDS V (completed)
Holy Roman Empire
Done before 2020 or your money back?
The Big Show (completed)
FttT 2016 GpB -11player -1st 6 out stay in GpB rest goto GpA (completed)
Unrest in Ukraine?
39 (completed)
Yes I will have another (completed)
Trump's in da ghetto
Welcome to WWIII (completed)
Elemental Kingdom: Big Game
33 (completed)
This will take time
The Knick
Scimitars and Sunglasses
AKs and flatscreens
Crazy Rules Quaz
Kinda Huge 40 Players M Theory Epic: May 2015
9 (completed)
8 (completed)
1 (completed)
X-Game (completed)
France (completed)
4 stars and more (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over 7-13-14 (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over 7-13-14 (completed)
Lanes increasing, Increase your lost game count by joining! (completed)
The Emperor is Coming! (completed)
Endless Lands 11 (completed)
Landgrab- Now with horseshoes and hand grenades! (completed)
one on one (completed)
16kewood (completed)
Play Every Map Rated Above 9 - 6 Jul 2014 (completed)
D2 ULC Round 6 Football Mission Grp 3 (completed)
FOG 002 (completed)
one on one (completed)
Game on
Middle Earth (completed)
f (completed)
sengoku, just the 3 of us (completed)
Truth or Consequences II (completed)
Met your Match IX (completed)
sengoku, just the 3 of us (completed)
sengoku, just the 3 of us (completed)
Operation Hardball - LGL initiation (completed)
I'll kick your ass on this lanes map (completed)
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
Ukraine Flat (completed)
Jump the Cheeseburger (completed)
Last Man Burning (completed)
On your feet maggot (completed)
High Definition Piss Jugs (completed)
Illuminate the night sky, together with hope and courage! (completed)
OEF (completed)
North America (completed)
Tetanus Adventures 4 (completed)
I bless the rains down in (completed)
School is over, let's fight! (completed)
One week 4 (completed)
one on one (completed)
Met your Match V (completed)
libber (completed)
because the last game i played was fun but i lost (completed)
One Week 3 (completed)
Have you played ? Vol I (42-99 terr) Game 7 (completed)
There are ways to tilt the Iottery in your favor IV (completed)
endess lands (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
sengoku (completed)
One on One RT (completed)
sengoku (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
sengoku (completed)
one on one (completed)
endless pavramop´s game (completed)
HAUNTED CASTLE (completed)
earth - fast, flat, increasing, caps (completed)
silver gold map - quick (completed)
F1 (completed)
one on one (completed)
sengoku (completed)
I'm going to college (Hooray) (completed)
Div 2 TERRITORY GAINS Round 5 Grp 1 (completed)
Fortressed Japan (completed)
binkinatorwontbeinthisone (completed)
sengoku (completed)
one on one (completed)
fast 1:1 (completed)
bfg98---roman empire (completed)
You're Up 15 (completed)
Hells Bells 2 (completed)
one on one (completed)
Anyone Else Like Capital Games? Europa (completed)
Game List Spam 14 (completed)
Game List Spam 13 (completed)
Game List Spam 12 (completed)
D2 ULC Round 3 No Blind Alleys Grp 3 Restart (completed)
Big Public Team Game 2 No LGL teams please (completed)
Cherbourg (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
Spring Time finally (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
Boomstick (completed)
Castle Doctrine (completed)
fun cap game (completed)
Crazy Risiko! (completed)
Enormous Lands 8 (completed)
Sands through the hourglass (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
Ancient Japan with Fortresses (completed)
Let's Pretend to Become Shogun over Ancient Japan (completed)
Unbelievable III (completed)
one on one (completed)
sengoku (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
cant think of a good name (completed)
LandClash (completed)
one on one (completed)
Flat 50 in hell (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
Time Machine 2 (completed)
one on one (completed)
PetitionMM (completed)
one on one (completed)
Yugoslavia (completed)
North America (completed)
one on one (completed)
Fast Fight (completed)
I'm blue, if I was green I would die (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
WWII Europe (completed)
D2 ULC Round 3 No Blind Alleys Grp 3 (completed)
one on one (completed)
Frozen Solid ICE 2 (completed)
Endless Pleasure and Enjoyment LXXXIV (completed)
Endless Pleasure and Enjoyment LXXXII (completed)
Caps and leaders 24 hour 2 (completed)
First out wins (completed)
First out wins (completed)
First out wins (completed)
Blind Extranjero (completed)
Your Country Needs You!!! (completed)
SPRING THAW (completed)
H&S2 Map7 Game2 - REDO (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
H&S2 Map9 Game3 (completed)
H&S2 Map8 Game1 (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
We'll finish Today (completed)
quik (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
1 on 1 with the great 1 (completed)
quik (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 38 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 37 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 35 (completed)
Fast Flat Increasing (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
HAUNTED CASTLE (completed)
one on one (completed)
bang bang skeet skeet (completed)
sengoku (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 32 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 31 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 30 (completed)
sengoku (completed)
Big Brawl (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 29 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 28 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 27 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 26 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 25 (completed)
sengoku (completed)
J Quick (completed)
sengoku (completed)
sengoku (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
flat earth (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 24 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 23 (completed)
Let's play RT (completed)
one on one (completed)
sengoku (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 21 (completed)
Syrian Escalation - Fog and Caps (completed)
Syrian Escalation - Fast and Violent (completed)
euro churo (completed)
sengoku (completed)
Enormous Lands 3 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 20 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 19 (completed)
war in the rusagon! (completed)
sengoku (completed)
sengoku (completed)
sengoku (completed)
WAT36WORLD (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 18 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 17 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 16 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 15 (completed)
sengocu (completed)
Did Aragorn Have a Secret Love Child with a Goblin (completed)
sengocu (completed)
sengocu (completed)
bfg63 roman empire (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 14 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 13 (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over 2-3-14 (completed)
Endless Lands 2-3-14 (completed)
H&S2 Map6 Game1 (completed)
H&S2 Map5 Game3 (completed)
H&S2 Map4 Game2 (completed)
Game List Spam 2 (completed)
Game List Spam 1 (completed)
sengoku (completed)
sengoku (completed)
Sunflower Showdown as big as possible (completed)
sos = sTUCK oN sTUPID (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 6 (completed)
Generika (completed)
Generika (completed)
one on one (completed)
one on one (completed)
Sin & Punishment (completed)
Camp Hide & Seek - no chat (completed)
Bloomington (completed)
Fight Napoleon (completed)
Burn baby BURN! (completed)
Robert E Lee rides again (completed)
Molten Core (completed)
Castle Crashers (completed)
Sengoku Basara (completed)
DIVISION 2 ULC Grp 3 Rd 1 Lottery in space (completed)
Fight for the Right to Party (completed)
Lone Survivor (completed)
thereverendryon off to Houston (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over 1-12-13 (completed)
Caps game on Nice new CI map (completed)
Enormous Lands 2 (completed)
castle massacre (completed)
Winter IceLand (completed)
Arill Advent (completed)
8 Points, 7 Players, 6 Cards (completed)
A Cold Day (completed)
A Cold Day (completed)
A Good Day to Kill (completed)
endless lands maxed ! (completed)
Injector white (completed)
Endless Lands - 30 players (completed)
Battol 4 iurop (completed)
Careful, I might fuck you over (completed)
Europe Bridges & Walls - 12 players (completed)
Play Every Map with Exactly 275 Territories - 18 Nov 2013 (completed)
H&S2 Map2 Game3 (completed)
Play Every Map with Exactly 175 Territories - 1 Nov 2013 (completed)
How do you kill that which has no life? (completed)
Play Every Map with Exactly 100 Territories - 23 Oct 2013 (completed)
Land of the Giants (completed)
Play Every Map Rated Above 9 - 22 Oct 2013 (completed)
Play Every Sports Map - 20 Sept 2013 (completed)
giantmap 55-16
Sitar Mama Increasing - 25 players (completed)
Play Every Map Rated 10 - 10 Sept 2013 (completed)
Play Every Unrated Map - 9 Sept 2013 (completed)
Kill the messenger - and anyone else that crosses you borders (completed)
giantmap 50-31
that awkward feeling when _______ (completed)
Clash of the Clans - flat rate placement (completed)
Clash of the Clans (completed)
The Fourth Great War (completed)
No whiners - it's war - endless lands (completed)
endless madness (completed)
Big Brit Smash up (completed)
GIANT!! (completed)
Asian Century 1st Ever FOW Game (completed)
europunks (completed)
Elemental Kingdom with 3 Leaders (completed)
MASSIVE Arab Spring (completed)
2013-05 Extreme Epica (completed)
A Kinda Big Game (completed)
Big Trouble in Little China (completed)
Weekly Big Game on Random Map 4-28 (completed)
Weekly Big Game on Random Map 4-14 (completed)
Resurrection (completed)
A Lasting Appeal - Unlock The Achievement - In Six Months! (completed)
Oh, everything looks bad if you remember it 2 (completed)
Castle Massacre with Fog (completed)
Survival III: 33 Players, FOW, Caps, 60 Army Bonus (completed)
for giants and dwarfs (completed)
giantmap 50-30
Another Big Game (completed)
New game 18
giantmap 50-29 (completed)
New game 17 (completed)
Weekly 220 - Burning Lands - 3-2-2012 (completed)
Play An Epica Game ! (completed)
giantmap 60-3
giantmap 55-15 (completed)
giantmap 50-28 (completed)
New game 14 (completed)
Geerty 1st (completed)
Hexophilia (completed)
Just Beause I Want To Be In A Huge Game with MY Color (completed)

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