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All games that MaxRenn is registered in:
Fiat Voluntas Tua (completed)
Facetime (completed)
From Kurosawa to Kiarostami (completed)
Original Rules NY (completed)
Completely standard original rules only (completed)
Belarus Buddies (completed)
PTP Risk - it's cold down there (completed)
teams are for mooks this time with less mooks (completed)
GoT (completed)
new york state of mind (completed)
PTP Does Europe 2: Hlime's Downfall (completed)
quick game, first 5 to respond are in 12 hr! (completed)
PTP Does Europe (completed)
PTP's Haunted Castle of Doom (completed)
PTP Risk: Game 2 (completed)
PTP Risk Round 2: In Risk No One Can Hear You Scream (completed)

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