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All games that JimPSullivan is registered in:
Endless Lands
RainyDaze (completed)
Nowhere to run to
Giant conundrum (completed)
Antarctic animosity (completed)
Russel Wilson - MVP (completed)
Bermuda Triangle (completed)
Three sides to every story (completed)
You Caught My Eye Maps: 090 Pick an AI (completed)
Seattle insurrection - continued (completed)
Big American Game - No Complaining (completed)
Seattle Insurrection (completed)
It's ok to attack - That is part of the game (completed)
No whining - Seattle (completed)
Kill the messenger - and anyone else that crosses you borders (completed)
No whiners - it's war - endless lands (completed)
No whiners - this is war - kingdoms of khaos (completed)
Big Arab Smash up (completed)
MASSIVE Arab Spring (completed)
Django Unchained (completed)
Weekly Big Game on Random Map 4-14 (completed)
Testing all maps 16 (completed)
BIG, BIG GAME (completed)
Big game (completed)

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