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All games that Grafter is registered in:
Be Confused by Anarchy (completed)
Nightmare B4 Xmas Gangs in Extreme Ireland (completed)
Cartoon Cat Gangs in Martime Domain (completed)
Cartoon Cat Gangs in Extreme Tlorean (completed)
Everyone needs more Anarchy (completed)
Everybody wants to be a cat in the ghetto (completed)
Nightmare Gangs in Extreme Tlorean (completed)
Anarchy Annihilation Ascention (completed)
Rematch (completed)
Our Anarchy (completed)
Janus (completed)
Risky (completed)
endess lands (completed)
newbies game 2000 Points or less (completed)
We All Love a bit of Risk (completed)
Try again (completed)
AAARRRRHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (completed)
risk (completed)
Burn baby BURN! (completed)
Whoop (completed)
Scott's taking Poland (completed)
war (completed)
20p Endless Silent Fog (completed)

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