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All games that Ted Nugent is registered in:
New Years RT Starts 01-01-2019 6PM GMT
LGSC2 - Dead Planet Challenge (50) - FINAL
LGSC2 - Isaiah40 Open (51) - 1st Round Game B (completed)
LGSC2 - Kotra Open (3) - 2nd Round Game F (completed)
LGSC2 - Ghost 11 Open - 1st Round Game F (completed)
5x4 on Ducentium
LGSC2 - Dead Planet Challenge (50) - 1st Round Game D (completed)
Autumn Championship 2 - Game 10d
Autumn Championship 2 - Game 9c
RRLC Round 4 Game 3 (completed)
Autumn Championship 2 - Game 8d
LGSC2 - Kotra Open (3) - 1st Round Game V (completed)
Autumn Championship 2 - Game 7a
Autumn Championship 2 - Game 6d
Autumn Championship 2 - Game 5d
Autumn Championship 2 - Game 4b (completed)
Autumn Championship 2 - Game 3a
Autumn Championship 2 - Game 2d
Autumn Championship 2 - Game 1c
LGSC2 - Kotra Kountdown (20) - 1st Round Game F (completed)
LGSC2 - Christmas in August (9) - 1st Round Game K (completed)
LGSC2 - Desau Open (2) - 2nd Round Game E (completed)
RRLC Round 3 Game 2 (completed)
Fast Earth (completed)
LGSC2 - Precious Challenge (46) - 1st Round Game A (completed)
LGSC2 - Desau Open (2) - 1st Round Game S (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
ruready4 Zblgrag Glrk X (completed)
LGSC2 - Poland International (19) - 1st Round Game A (completed)
The Good, The Bad and The Borg (completed)
Quintalia Major (completed)
RRLC Round 2 Game 3 (completed)
LGSC2 - Chirenon Open (40) - 1st Round Game D (completed)
Earth mg (completed)
Endless Lands in the Dark- Leaders and Fortress Edition (completed)
LGSC2 - Jeskin Open (8) - 1st Round Game B (completed)
Big Game Day or Week (completed)
Mano e mano e mano (completed)
BJ Public Tribute - The Map that started it all
Pooh Emperor Xi Jinping invade japan (completed)
Team game on some map I don't know (completed)
wyatt (completed)
RT FAST FLAT (completed)
LGSC2 - Mapguy Open (18) - 1st Round Game E (completed)
If we can get five we will start fast RT (completed)
Fast Flat Earth (completed)
Trying out the new BJ map with 4SL settings (completed)
RRL Pedestal Divisional Game 4 (completed)
Foggy Castle! Officially the last one for at least a year! (completed)
LGSC2 - Orchestra Spy Open (27) - FINAL (completed)
3rd Dimension of Space (completed)
Nightmare Land (completed)
LGSC2 - Austrian International (37) - 1st Round Game D (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 3 (completed)
Fast Fight (completed)
RRL Pedestal Divisional Game 3 (completed)
LGSC2 - Kiznit Open (7) - 1st Round Game G (completed)
LGSC2 - Orchestra Spy Open (27) - Semi A **2 Advance to Final** (completed)
Ants Rock Star (completed)
FlatWorld (completed)
4x4 on the US of A (completed)
IR (completed)
Anyone (completed)
You Caught My Eye Maps 093 (completed)
RRL Interdivisional Pedestal and Kill Pit
RRL Interdivisional Pedestal and Fury (completed)
RRL Paragon and Pedestal a Song of Land and Grabbing
Ayatollahs 4 X 3 (completed)
Spring Competition - Game 9d (completed)
Spring Competition - Game 8c (completed)
Spring Competition - Game 6c (completed)
Humanity Offline (completed)
Spring Competition - Game 5a (completed)
RRL Pedestal Divisional Game 2 (completed)
Spring Competition - Game 4d (completed)
great map, great game?! (completed)
Spring Competition - Game 3b (completed)
Spring Competition - Game 2c (completed)
Spring Competition - Game 1a (completed)
Escalator (completed)
GoGobots (completed)
giantmap 50-40
giantmap 50-39
giantmap 55-20
giantmap 55-19
giantmap 50-37
Grandslam 10a Rnd 1 Ted Nugent Robbinghood and A BOT (completed)
Fast and Furious (completed)
Endless lands 3 Leaders 2 Fortifications (completed)
This ones better - a second attack connecting their feet (completed)
Cause the 'Nuge likes Guns (completed)
woogha (completed)
weird map (completed)
Snake Pit (completed)
Show 3 Leaders 2 Fortifications July 16 (completed)
Grandslam 10 Rnd 1 Ted nugent Robbinghood and A BOT (completed)
RRL The Kill Pit Sewer Rats (completed)
RRL Sewer Rats Minions (completed)
legochip10 (completed)
D1 ULC Round 6 Football Bonus Grp 5 (completed)
Epic 2 Leaders 2 Fortifications July 11 (completed)
Castle of Doom (completed)
bfg110--extreme europa (completed)
Landgrab, now with loaded dice! (completed)
Earth 18h 10 bonus cards increase continents dont [0710] (completed)
Meat Grinder Round 2 6x5 (completed)
Battle Bowl II Game 4 (completed)
1 vs 1 vs 1 (completed)
Play Every Map Rated Above 9 - 6 Jul 2014 (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 3 (completed)
Hells Bells 4 (completed)
Earth RT Where yall at (completed)
realtime (completed)
Endless Lands 10 (completed)
We Be The Team #7 (completed)
Im, Im huntin, Im lookin for a come up, this is fucking awesome! (completed)
4 x 2 (completed)
Lets fight (completed)
Tournament Rules: Standard Increasing (completed)
Froggy styleZz v2 (completed)
HAUNTED CASTLE (completed)
Team LOTR (completed)
HAUNTED CASTLE (completed)
Meet your Maker 20140622 (completed)
BHO (completed)
allied command fog (completed)
Crazy RT Caps 2 (completed)
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (completed)
Shut and back up (completed)
Quick War (completed)
quicky (completed)
Grandslam 5a Final ZHHHHHHP Ted Nugent and A BOT (completed)
FttT 2014 Rnd 5 Group B 1st killed eliminated from the tourny (completed)
SRX111 (completed)
2v2 death match (completed)
Wild Earth Before Reset (completed)
Maracanazo (completed)
jb94 (completed)
Team death match (completed)
eat me (completed)
Grandslam 7a Rnd 1 sixshooter500 Ted Nugent and A BOT (completed)
409 Territories equals 10 for each with 100 to start (completed)
1v1v3 (completed)
Endless lands 4x4 3 day (completed)
Nightmare Land (completed)
Grandslam 5 Final ZHHHHHHP Ted Nugent and A BOT (completed)
Grandslam 4a Final Ted Nugent Robbinghood and A BOT (completed)
quick foggy caps (completed)
Resistance is FUtile (completed)
What lies beneath? A heck of a cap game (completed)
Froggy styleZz v2 (completed)
Grandslam 4 Final Ted Nugent Robbinghood and A BOT (completed)
libber (completed)
just a little practice (completed)
One Week 3 (completed)
endess lands (completed)
Grandslam 7 Rnd 1 sixshooter500 Ted Nugent and A BOT (completed)
Grandslam 5 Semi Final princessmedypi Ted Nugent and A BOT (completed)
what (completed)
Classic Fast Aggressive & Nasty (completed)
Four Square (completed)
jb91 (completed)
earthlg (completed)
LGL Practice 4 x 3 VS MMM (completed)
Grandslam 4 Semi Final Ted Nugent sean1303 and A BOT (completed)
just another realtime game (completed)
4x4 Tune Up Game - A Real CAD (completed)
Epic 2 Leaders 2 Fortifications (completed)
Grandslam 4 qtr final replacement CaptC Ted Nugent and A BOT (completed)
Grandslam 5 qtr finals UCFBfan Ted Nugent and A BOT (completed)
dumb control (completed)
The Smell of Napalm; A Love Story of Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (completed)
FttT 2014 Gp C 1st 3 killed will be eliminated from the tourny (completed)
D1 ULC Rd 5 NO BLIND ALLEYS GROUP 5 (completed)
MOTB D1G37 - 1H2B3T-15 (completed)
Grandslam 5 Rnd 1 Balderdash Ted Nugent and A BOT (completed)
MOTB D1G32 - 1H2B3T-10 (completed)
Capital Punishment (completed)
Grandslam 4 Rnd 1 Fataldarkwolfe Ted Nugent and a BOT (completed)
Grandslam 3a - Ted Nugent ZHHHHHHP and A BOT (completed)
MOTB D1G28 - 1H2B3T-6 (completed)
MOTB D1G23 - 1H2B3T-1 (completed)
Round Four Championship Games Nugent (completed)
FttT -14 Grp C 1st killed is out winner goes to Grp B (completed)
MOTB D1G21 - 1H1B4T-8 (completed)
Grandslam 3 - Ted Nugent ZHHHHHHP and A BOT (completed)
cant think of a good name (completed)
MOTB D1G19 - 1H1B4T-6 (completed)
MOTB D1G15 - 1H1B4T-2 (completed)
T3D-Game 6-Division 2-Modern Oceania STD (completed)
T3D-Game 5-Division 2-The Extreme Americas V2 (completed)
T3D-Game 4-Division 2-The Extreme Gent (completed)
MOTB D1G13 - 1H1B6T-4 (completed)
MOTB D1G10 - 1H1B6T-1 (completed)
MOTB CDTG-3 (completed)
FttT -14 Grp C 1st killed is out winner to 2nd playoff (completed)
Grandslam 2 - tickbushtom Ted Nugent and a BOT (completed)
Sengoku Phantasmagoria (completed)
arma`dead`em (completed)
MOTB - D1G5 - FFA3-1 (completed)
MOTB - D1G3 - FFA2-1 (completed)
MOTB - D1G2 - FFA1-2 (completed)
Grandslam 1a Sawbux Ted Nugent (completed)
LGL 4x3 test game on SWM home turf (completed)
2013 FttT Final Game - winner takes all (completed)
Fill this up so I can make another (completed)
giantmap 55-18
Meat Grinder Round 1 6x6 (completed)
JOKERS WILD (completed)
2013 FttT - 1st out leaves the tournament (completed)
H&S2 Map9 Game1 (completed)
H&S2 Map8 Game2 (completed)
H&S2 Map7 Game1 (completed)
Grp 5 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Final Round (5) (completed)
GRAVEDIGGERS 100 PLAYS (completed)
Rock You #Two! (completed)
Increasing Europe (completed)
Just A Group of Bunnies (completed)
Earth 18h 10 bonus cards increase continents dont [0313a] (completed)
Center of Disaster fog (completed)
Strange Ally - Round 2 Final (completed)
giantmap 50-35
Maritime Teams 4x4 (completed)
2014 FttT - 1st killed will be eliminated from the tournament (completed)
2013 FttT - 1st out leaves the tournament (completed)
TERRITORY GAINS Group 2 Round 3 (completed)
2013 FttT - 1st out leaves the tournament (completed)
Mission Impossible Grp 2 Round 4 (completed)
Gods of the Universe (completed)
MedievalBattle (completed)
Bad Wolf (completed)
New map Test 2, blue planet - added portals (completed)
Time Machine (completed)
H&S2 Map6 Game1 (completed)
H&S2 Map5 Game4 (completed)
H&S2 Map4 Game4 (completed)
2013 FttT - 1st one killed will be eliminated from the tourny (completed)
UCL Rd 2 Grp 4 Teamsters (completed)
BIMONTHLY Tournament Jan-Feb Weeks 7-8 Game 1 (completed)
Wizard of Oz Land (completed)
Strange Ally - Round 1 Game 2 (completed)
Rock You # ONE (completed)
War of the Ring (completed)
Afghan map-more connected cities-TEAM (completed)
Three Way On the Enterprise II (completed)
BIMONTHLY Tournament Jan-Feb Weeks 5-6 Game 2 (completed)
Fossil Huntin Like All Day (completed)
Ayatollahs with Fog - 12 hr (completed)
Khaos (completed)
The Dating Game (completed)
BIMONTHLY Tournament Jan-Feb Weeks 3-4 Game 2 (completed)
bfg53 (completed)
Easy Beginner (completed)
4x4 Swamp Dynasty (completed)
LGL Finals Game 29: 4x2 Zblgrag Glrk - FXD, INT, PPZ, GRY (completed)
BIMONTHLY Tournament Jan-Feb Weeks 1-2 Game 2 (completed)
ULC Grp 4 Rd 1 Lottery in Space: (completed)
Strangle Hold (completed)
20p Endless Silent Fog (completed)
Ringing in the New Year with A Big Old LandGrab Game (completed)
LGL Finals Game 21: 4x3 FXD INT PPZ GRY (completed)
LGL Finals Game 18: 4x3 ANT GOC PPZ GRY (completed)
Rd 3 Gp 3 Floodlands Mission (completed)
LGL Finals Game 16: 4x4 Clash of the Clans - INT ANT SWM PPZ (completed)
LGL Finals Game 15: 4x4 Evil Reflected - PPZ FXD ANT TFR (completed)
Land Of Quaz (completed)
LGL Finals Game 34 FFA (completed)
LGL Finals Game 8 at Intellectual Cretins INT ANT SWM PPZ (completed)
LGL Finals Game 7 at The Pink Panzers PPZ ANT FXD TFR (completed)
LGL Finals: Game 2 - GOC, ANT, PPZ, GRY (completed)
LGL Finals Game 5 at Fixed Dice - FXD INT PPZ GRY (completed)
987654321 (completed)
1 Europe (completed)
H&S2 Map2 Game1 (completed)
H&S2 Map1 Game2 (completed)
Challenge Series - jtinsr 2 (completed)
Ixtab 30caps (completed)
eXtreme Leibowitz! (125) Gonna quit? DON'T BOTHER JOINING!!! (completed)
BIG (completed)
Open Collusion is for Pussies (completed)
The Kingdom is mine (completed)
New game 13 (completed)
Geerty 1st (completed)
giantmap 50-27 (completed)
New Game 3 (completed)
giantmap 50-26 (completed)
Fun 12 (completed)
giantmap 50-24 (completed)
Play Every Unrated Map - 5 Jun 2012 (completed)
The MAD MAD MAD Flooded Place to Play (completed)

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