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All games that melface is registered in:
All Caps, All the Time II
All Caps, All the Time I
Space Force (completed)
Braiiins (completed)
New World Disorder (completed)
Shamrock Classic 2020 (completed)
Castle Fog (completed)
jamaican me crazy (completed)
Operation Enduring Freedom (completed)
Holy Hoosier Hysteria (completed)
A Good Day to Die Hard (completed)
The War We Want But Can't Have (completed)
Konnichiwa (completed)
It Spreads (completed)
Baes & Bots (completed)
Upside Down and Around the Back (completed)
Electoral College (completed)
It Is Not This Day (completed)
Hell Hath No Fury Like (completed)
All right all you cool cats and kittens (completed)
MAGA Hats Only (completed)
Post-apocalyptic hellscape (completed)
It's an Obscure Map Reference (completed)
Pirate Island (completed)
Earth RT #2 (completed)
Earth RT (completed)
Covidiot 19: Weekend Real Time Edition (completed)
Pre-gaming (completed)
Welcome, Young Paduwan (completed)
Free Tuition at Vocational Education and Training Centers (completed)
Backyard Resource Hoarding (completed)
Are You a Hossier 2? (completed)
Pirates Cove 2nd try (completed)
Old Skool (completed)
Quarantina (completed)
These Settings Probably Suck (completed)
Core IV: _____ (completed)
If you don't risk much, you risk even more (completed)
Core IV: I Bless the Rains Down in Africa (completed)
Dare We Try Again? (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - NewSettings and a Tree (completed)
Core IV: Inland Empire (completed)
Hanoi v3 - I want to win this map so bad (completed)
Oh Capitol My Capital (completed)
Core IV: It's Foggy in Hanoi (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Indy500 (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Forgotten Realm Foggy (completed)
Core IV: The Resistance War Against America (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Robobattle IV - Longer than it Looks (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Core4 VI - Uncharted Map (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - IRL Countries II - The Second Cyprus (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Modern Europa VIII - EndTormaStreak (completed)
Older men declare war - But it is youth that must fight and die (completed)
This map would be better if you could invade from Russia (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Core4 IV - ApolloLand (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Core4 III - EarthMoreBorders No Forts (completed)
Two Squared (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Modern Europa VII - Men with Swords (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Core4 II - Down to Earth (completed)
Mishawaka RoboBatle III - Quickfire (completed)
Mishawaka HLAN - TMT (Too Much Territories) Inaugral (completed)
4x4 team game (completed)
MishawkaHLAN - Modern Enrupa VI - Eternally Yours (completed)
Willy Waldo's Mindtrip Factory - Bigger Game (completed)

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