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All games that melface is registered in:
Core IV: _____ (completed)
If you don't risk much, you risk even more (completed)
Core IV: I Bless the Rains Down in Africa (completed)
Dare We Try Again? (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - NewSettings and a Tree (completed)
Core IV: Inland Empire (completed)
Hanoi v3 - I want to win this map so bad (completed)
Oh Capitol My Capital (completed)
Core IV: It's Foggy in Hanoi (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Indy500 (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Forgotten Realm Foggy (completed)
Core IV: The Resistance War Against America (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Robobattle IV - Longer than it Looks (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Core4 VI - Uncharted Map (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - IRL Countries II - The Second Cyprus (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Modern Europa VIII - EndTormaStreak (completed)
Older men declare war - But it is youth that must fight and die (completed)
This map would be better if you could invade from Russia (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Core4 IV - ApolloLand (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Core4 III - EarthMoreBorders No Forts (completed)
Two Squared (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Modern Europa VII - Men with Swords (completed)
MishawakaHLAN - Core4 II - Down to Earth (completed)
Mishawaka RoboBatle III - Quickfire (completed)
Mishawaka HLAN - TMT (Too Much Territories) Inaugral (completed)
4x4 team game (completed)
MishawkaHLAN - Modern Enrupa VI - Eternally Yours (completed)
Willy Waldo's Mindtrip Factory - Bigger Game (completed)

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