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All games that prionsarebad is registered in:
Endless Lands VII (completed)
The Knick
Scimitars and Sunglasses
ARR001 (completed)
21 (completed)
100 ways to die (completed)
100 ways to die (completed)
Kinda Huge 40 Players M Theory Epic: May 2015
giantmap 50-40
giantmap 50-39 (completed)
RRL The Kill Pit Sewer Rats (completed)
RRL Sewer Rats Minions (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 4 (completed)
World cup Lottery (completed)
Sacrilege (completed)
Tournament Rules: Standard Increasing (completed)
CADdyshack (completed)
409 Territories equals 10 for each with 100 to start (completed)
School is over, let's fight! (completed)
There are ways to tilt the Iottery in your favor IV (completed)
endless pavramop´s game (completed)
Insurgent Caps (completed)
Asian Invasion (completed)
LT Khaos (completed)
Flat 50 in hell (completed)
There are ways to tilt the Iottery in your favor III (completed)
I'm blue, if I was green I would die (completed)
Your Country Needs You!!! (completed)
Fast Vicious lottery style (completed)
Who could rebuild the Empire of Persia! (completed)
Crammed - Reboot - Snakes and Ladders (completed)
There are ways to tilt the lottery in your favor II (completed)
Syrian Escalation - Fast and Violent (completed)
Trying new Afghan map again with updated portal capabilities (completed)
WAT36WORLD (completed)
New map Test 2, blue planet - added portals (completed)
New map Test, blue planet (completed)
Crammed - Snakes n Ladders (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 6 (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 3 (completed)
Quintalia Aggressive (completed)
Quaz-i-mental (50 player fog) (completed)
Castle Crashers (completed)
Fight for the Right to Party (completed)
Caps Dreaming and Scheming on a CI classic (completed)
castle massacre (completed)
Do i have my patience back for this (completed)
Sitar Mama Increasing - 25 players (completed)
100K points to play (completed)
Ancient battle (completed)
Ringing in the New Year with A Big Old LandGrab Game (completed)
Land Of Quaz (completed)
Celebrating 400K with a Caps game (completed)
Europe (completed)
Land Of Quaz (completed)
Jungle Boogie (completed)
Endless Lands - 30 players (completed)
europa caps leaders forts (completed)
Careful, I might fuck you over (completed)
More large fog fun :) (completed)
aya toalla for rollingas (completed)
Grave Diggers - 14 players (completed)
Land of the Giants (completed)
Castle Massacre - 25 players (completed)
Ixtab 30caps (completed)
Floods-a-coming (50 players!!!) (completed)
No whiners - it's war - endless lands (completed)
endless madness (completed)
Big Arab Smash up (completed)
Big Brit Smash up (completed)
MASSIVE Battle Of Britain (completed)
Complete Arabia (completed)
Django Unchained (completed)
Weekly Big Game on Random Map 5-5 (completed)
A Kinda Big Game (completed)
Big Trouble in Little China (completed)
Weekly Big Game on Random Map 4-28 (completed)
Weekly Big Game on Random Map 4-14 (completed)
Castle Massacre (completed)
Survival III: 33 Players, FOW, Caps, 60 Army Bonus (completed)
for giants and dwarfs (completed)
Weekly - Kingdoms of Khaos - 11-3-2012 (completed)
Another Big Game (completed)
New game 18 (completed)
BIG, BIG GAME (completed)
Big game (completed)
New game 17 (completed)
The Kingdom is mine (completed)
New game 15 (completed)
New game 14 (completed)
New game 13 (completed)
Sometimes I think I'd be better off dead No wait Not me you (completed)
"KOM" Flat Rate Game 5 of 5 (completed)
"KOM" Flat Rate Game 1 of 5 (completed)
"KOM" Flat Rate Game 2 of 5 (completed)
Counting all the assholes in the room Im definitely not alone 3 (completed)
New game 11 (completed)
period period period :-) (completed)
Merry Christmas (completed)
Geerty 1st (completed)
New game 10
LGS Game 5 6x5 Deadliest Catch Season 2 Fractional Division (completed)
Hexophilia (completed)
LGS Game 2 6x6 The Extreme Hexagon Fractional Division (completed)
New game 9 (completed)
Insurgent fog (completed)
giantmap 50-27 (completed)
New Game 8 (completed)
New game 7 (completed)
Flat Modern South America 7D (completed)
the usual suspects 4 (completed)
This is for the tough ones (batch of 12!) (completed)
New game 6 (completed)
inglorious bastards 5 (completed)
New game 5 (completed)
New game 4 (completed)
Weekly 204 - Xenon - 9-10-12 (completed)
New Game 3 (completed)
New game 2 (completed)
giantmap 50-26 (completed)
Survival of the Luckiest: From 109 Players to 1 (completed)
New game (completed)
giantmap 55-14 (completed)
Fun 13 (completed)
giantmap 50-25 (completed)
Weekly 190 - Flood Lands - 28-8-12 (completed)
Absurd Flat Hex (completed)
Fun 12 (completed)
Let's try this 4 (completed)
Let's try this 2 (completed)
Weekly 173 - TESLA - 6-7-12 (completed)
Huge Hex (completed)
Weekly 172 - The Fourth Great War - 25-6-12 (completed)
Strange setting (completed)
Tributes Continue to Pour In (completed)
Let's try this (completed)
giantmap 50-24 (completed)
Play Every Unrated Map - 5 Jun 2012 (completed)
giantmap 50-23 (completed)
47th (completed)
endless lands 65-5 (completed)
42st (completed)
32nd (completed)
giantmap 55-12 (completed)
177 (completed)
slowest game in history
giantmap 50-22 (completed)
how big can it get (completed)
endless lands 65-4 (completed)

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