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All games that John Smith is registered in:
S & M Castle (completed)
Game VMI (completed)
castle for 18 hr (completed)
The Game (completed)
Crazy Risiko! (completed)
Versus (completed)
Friday Afternoon RT Flat Fast (completed)
Blind CoolW (completed)
Blind 13 (completed)
quik2 (completed)
Clue (completed)
n (completed)
Versus (completed)
Earth - fast, flat, increasing (completed)
Camaro Swamp Buggies (completed)
europa (completed)
One for the long haul (completed)
Increasing Europe (completed)
Try Oldest Land Grab Map: Red War Map (completed)
Blind thirteen (completed)
y not (completed)
Blind Ayatollahs (completed)
Castle 7d (completed)
1v1 pls much game (completed)
Enchanted Forest (completed)
War of the Roses the sequel test game 2 (completed)
War of the Roses 2 tester (completed)
Classic Conflict (completed)
1v1 pls much game (completed)
War of the Worlds (completed)
LOtR Battle of 5 Armies (completed)
Murder in the Dark (completed)
Rage Game (completed)
Pirates Castle (completed)
Camp Hide & Seek - no chat (completed)
32nd (completed)

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