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All games that Tamarlane is registered in:
Diary of the War of the Pig
Where the Mild Things Are
Kingdoms of Khaos FFA
Walking Dead FFA Reunion
Biblical Times (completed)
War of the Worlds (completed)
Three Versions of Judas (completed)
The Romantic Dogs (completed)
LG101 (completed)
How I Became a Nun (completed)
Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me (completed)
Let?s have a big game
3 games waiting on you
A Heart So White (completed)
Let's Go to Bed
Vampires and Witches (completed)
foggy floods
Wierd Game (completed)
Nightmare Land (completed)
Land of the 7 Dwarfes (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over
Endless Lands (completed)
are you invited? (completed)
are you invited? (completed)
Putin on the Ritz (completed)
blind - intuition is king, experience might be queen (completed)
Another big one but with leaders
Just a BIG one
Forever Young (completed)
Land of the 7 Dwarfes (completed)
Reindeer Land (completed)
Escalator (completed)
Bermuda Triangle - Try to Escape (completed)
Elemental Kingdom: Big Game with increasing reos (completed)
A good game 3
A good game 2 (completed)
A good game 1
They Might Be Giants (completed)
OPAQUE ELEVEN - 17?11?19 - NO CAPS (completed)
OPAQUE TEN - 17?11?19 - CAPS (completed)
Another date with doom 111617 (completed)
Burnin' Down The House
A Disrespectful Loyalty
Big Game Hunter (completed)
Endless Lands VI (completed)
Big 12 hr fo special (completed)
Stunning (completed)
ENDLESS LANDS V (completed)
Holy Roman Empire
Elemental Kingdoms: big game
Elemental Kingdom: Big Game
33 (completed)
something big (completed)
Crumpus Rumpus (completed)
Spring Time finally (completed)
game 1 (completed)
EUFOW (completed)
n (completed)
Land of thye 7 Dwarfes (completed)
Endless Lands 3-24-14 (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over 3-24-14 (completed)
Fire The Cannons at The Battle of Boston Harbor 24hr Duel (completed)
Blind Sands (completed)
war (completed)
Increasing Europe (completed)
One of Many (completed)
Go Commando! (completed)
Enormous Lands 5 (completed)
Waterwor18 (completed)
Let's get our tert selection achievement !! 3 (completed)
endless lands maxed ! (completed)
rule the high seas (completed)
europa caps leaders forts (completed)
Super Fun Back-stabbing Secret Alliance Time (completed)
Endless Lands 12-1-13 (completed)
Careful, I might fuck you over (completed)
Schmicheal Moomacher (completed)
Eurotits: First Class (completed)
Play Every Map by AachenerJung - 14 Oct 2013 (completed)
Play Every Map Rated Above 9 - 14 Oct 2013 (completed)
Burning Lands (completed)
Euroclash (completed)
No whiners - it's war - endless lands (completed)
Big Trouble in Little China (completed)
Castle Massacre with Fog (completed)
The Kingdom is mine (completed)
Survival of the Luckiest: From 109 Players to 1 (completed)
giantmap 55-14
giantmap 50-25 (completed)

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