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All games that Shen Tzu is registered in:
Lost Pumpkins
Lost Pumpkins (completed)
Pumpkins in Quaz (completed)
Pumpkins training to be GrandMasters (completed)
Pumpkins go Elemental (completed)
Pumpkins in Disaster Central (completed)
Pumpkins in Center of Disaster (completed)
Pumpkins go Sea Fishing (completed)
New Game X
Pumpkins clash the clans (completed)
Endless Lands
Pumpkins go to the Americas (completed)
British Invasion
Pumpkins celebrate Bugs (completed)
Heading to Serbia Next
Pumpkins love Cads (completed)
Pumpkins rock the Ayatollahs (completed)
Pumpkins do the Sand Dance (completed)
Pumpkins captured (completed)
Foggy Commando (completed)
Pumpkins jump off Castle walls (completed)
Sports of the World (completed)
Pumpkins travel back to 1200 (completed)
Pumpkins go to Ultraboria (completed)
Immortal Warlords with Capitals (completed)
Pumpkins getting extremely hexed (completed)
Legendary Rockers (completed)
RRL Minions 4 player game 3
Daily Massacre 0705 (completed)
Trenches - 8 players
Pumpkins in Khaos (completed)
Pumpkins in Endless Fog (completed)
Holy Roman Empire Batman!
Foggy Pumpkins go large and unlimited (completed)
Pumpkins underneath (completed)
Turtle Power! (completed)
Pumpkins with Nowhere to Hide (completed)
Pumpkins in Wallingbottom (completed)
Pumpkins in Asia (completed)
Pumpkins go to Russia (completed)
Pumpkins go to sea (completed)
Foggy Streets with Pumpkins (completed)
Endless foggy Pumpkins (completed)
Endless Pumpkins (completed)
Pumpkins in Foggy America (completed)
Pumpkin Gangs Foggy holiday in the Americas (completed)
Pumpkin Gang in Foggy Holy Roman (completed)
Pumpkin Gang play Foggy Holy Romans (completed)
Know Your Angles Team (completed)
Pumpkin Gang in Foggy Nostra (completed)
Pumpkin Gang in the Foggy Casa Nostra (completed)
Menagerie map (completed)
Medieval Wales (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over
Kingdom under fire (completed)
1 v 1 (completed)
Nightmare Land (completed)
LG (completed)
Getting Dark (completed)
RT Bars on Mars Pub Crawl and Fisticuffs (completed)
HexPlex (completed)
Strange Attraction (completed)
Hexophilia XL
Viva la block
emperor xi's rape of china (completed)
Legendary Rockers (completed)
quick 1 v 1 w bots (completed)
Religion Wars (completed)
Where are all those players from 2011?
Seven Kingdoms (completed)
Country by Country - Netherlands (completed)
Lesser Known Maps - Game 8 (completed)
Which King though? (completed)
Lesser Known Maps - Game 7 (completed)
Team Building at Camp (completed)
Immortal Elements 3x3 (completed)
123123 (completed)
IG88 (completed)
IGU (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 3b (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 2b (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 1c (completed)
RRL Minions 14 player game remake (completed)
RRL Sewer Rats vs Minions remake (completed)
Standard 24h (completed)
#Brexit-exit (completed)
4x4 Swamp Dynasty (completed)
Fraggles Sunday RT starts 6 pm GMT 24-02-2019 (completed)
LGSC2 - LGSC2 Finale (13) - Qualifying Game F (completed)
Tournament [] The Wall Pt 1 [] Game 3 (completed)
Tournament [] The Wall Pt 1 [] Game 2 (completed)
Tournament [] The Wall Pt 1 [] Game 1 (completed)
Daily Lakes 0213 (completed)
Daily Middle 0214 (completed)
In the Deep Fog - I choose you Pokebot! (completed)
Trenches - 8 players (completed)
ORC DORC (completed)
Zombie invasion (completed)
Daily Castle 0208 (completed)
Daily America 0207 (completed)
Emerald valley (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
Variety Bots in a Light Fog on Hexarama (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over (completed)
Lunar New Year 2019 - Going for a Big Hell Freezes Over
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 7b (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 6d (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 5a (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 4a (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 3b (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 2a (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 1b (completed)
Blue vs Red (completed)
LGSC2 - Quazie Open (12) - Qualifying Game H (completed)
Rockin Rolla (completed)
Conquer from with (completed)
The Marines have landed 2 (completed)
Finger Fork Frank (completed)
counting all the assholes in the room im definitely not alone 6
14 (completed)
Kinda Huge 40 Players M Theory Epic: May 2015
13 (completed)
giantmap 50-40
giantmap 55-21
giantmap 55-20
giantmap 55-19
giantmap 50-38 (completed)
Tour de France (completed)
FOG 006 (completed)
4x3 vs MMM practice game (completed)
Pirates Castle (completed)
Team (completed)
Great Map (completed)
D1 ULC Round 6 Football Bonus Grp 5 (completed)
Fairy Tale Land (completed)
The Great War on VAIL (completed)
team game (completed)
Crazy Risiko! (completed)
Meat Grinder Round 2 6x5 (completed)
1 vs 1 vs 1 (completed)
1v1v3 (completed)
Trenches - 8 players (completed)
Come to my castle people are dying to get in HIGH TROOPS (completed)
Hello World (completed)
Awesomeland (completed)
Cold Southerly Breeze (completed)
Im, Im huntin, Im lookin for a come up, this is fucking awesome! (completed)
4x4 Swamp Dynasty (completed)
Play me on mapasaurus, and I'll kick your assasaurus! (completed)
sUpEr fAsT OnE oN OnE Rt (completed)
Dungeon darkness (completed)
Tournament Rules: Standard Increasing (completed)
Wipe out all your hopes with the invincible power of darkness! (completed)
Froggy styleZz v2 (completed)
Met your Match XII (completed)
Castle - 10 players (completed)
Trenches - 10 players (completed)
Burn You (completed)
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (completed)
Dont ya just LOVE this Map? Invite your own team (completed)
Endless lands 4x4 3 day (completed)
LGL Practice in Hell (completed)
Quick war (completed)
13 fog (completed)
Bot Control 1 (completed)
Game List Spam 20 (completed)
Earth - 18 hr - crazy borgs - Brought to you by Half Off Law (completed)
whistlewhileyoudestroy (completed)
4x4 Tune Up Game - A Real CAD (completed)
Castle Keep (completed)
Crumpus Rumpus (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
Black Hole Sun (completed)
Have you played ? Vol I (42-99 terr) Game 1 (completed)
midnight oil (completed)
Earth 18h 10 bonus cards increase continents dont [0527] (completed)
bfg101---roman empire--11 player scrum (completed)
endless pavramop´s game (completed)
Pure Evil (completed)
D1 ULC Rd 5 NO BLIND ALLEYS GROUP 3 (completed)
Big Public Team Game 2 No LGL teams please (completed)
Spring Time finally (completed)
H2O 4x2 practice game - M Theory Fossil (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - marces21 -3 (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - marces21 - 1 (completed)
H2O LGL practice game 2 (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - CaptainZombie 3 (completed)
Meat Grinder Round 1 6x6 (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - Sawbux 8 (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - CaptC 2 (completed)
extreme europa (completed)
TERRITORY GAINS Group 3 Round 3 (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - UCFBfan 5 (completed)
UCL Rd 2 Grp 4 Teamsters (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - windancer 5 (completed)
Duel (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - windancer 3 (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - windancer 1 (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - austinmax 1 (completed)
ULC Grp 2 Rd 1 Lottery in Space: (completed)
Endless lands maxed teams ! (completed)
Belarus 9 player (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 15: LETS GO FISHIN - H2O HGC SCH SIX (completed)
LGL Game 13: 4x4 InsurgentLC - HGC EST H2O PHO (completed)
The Onyx Figurine of Sigil (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 7: 4x5 Clash of the Clans H2O HGC SCH SIX (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 5: 4x5 Operation Hardball HGC EST H2O PHO (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 2 - 4x5 Castle Massacre (completed)
Play Every Map by arrhhhhh - 1 Dec 2013 (completed)
Play Every Map with Exactly 275 Territories - 18 Nov 2013 (completed)
How about a little modern Asia? (completed)
Challenge Series - jtinsr 2 (completed)
Who's Minding the Mint (completed)
6x6 team game on my 6th map (completed)
MASSIVE Battle Of Britain (completed)
Big Trouble in Little China (completed)
Giantmap (completed)
africa test game (completed)
blind vision (completed)
Appalachia (completed)

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