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All games that Scott B is registered in:
Summer Fun
A Battle for America (completed)
3 teams with fog (completed)
The Walking Dead - With Bridges and Walls (completed)
Atomic Hex (completed)
Fighting with brothers (completed)
Land of OZ (completed)
Risk Game with escalating card values and continent bonuses (completed)
Basic game to invite others (completed)
summer fun (completed)
Africa in 1900 (completed)
Imperial Rome (completed)
Better, Best, and Bestest (completed)
Menagerie (completed)
Brittania (completed)
Afghan Escalation (completed)
Naval Battle 2 (completed)
Europe 1433 (completed)
A Naval Duel (completed)
Europe 1433 (completed)
Team Capitols (completed)
Time Immortal (completed)
Afghan - ISAF (completed)
Rail Wars (completed)
napoleon War Cru (completed)
Napoleon (completed)
Greeks and Persians (completed)
Star Wars Challenge (completed)
Red Dawn (completed)
Gettysburg (completed)
Lots of Hexes - Team (take 2) (completed)
Classic Risk (completed)

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