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All games that Orlandowave is registered in:
big lake
The Extreme Hexagon Teams
Capture The Flags (must put capitol on your flag) (completed)
Land of Quaz (completed)
The Fight for Freedom (completed)
Camp Capture (completed)
PRISON BREAK 2 (completed)
Christmas break game (completed)
Napoleon (completed)
Thrones Again (completed)
team Risk with Antarctica (completed)
Battle of Britain (completed)
123456789 (completed)
123 (completed)
and let the odds be ever in your favor (completed)
ABC (completed)
summer fun (completed)
Imperial Rome (completed)
Better, Best, and Bestest (completed)
Menagerie (completed)
Hello have fun (completed)
Let's do it again! (completed)
123456789 (completed)
Team Capitols (completed)
Time Immortal (completed)
Afghan - ISAF (completed)
Rail Wars (completed)
Napoleon (completed)
Star Wars Challenge (completed)
Red Dawn (completed)
Lots of Hexes - Team (take 2) (completed)
Classic Risk (completed)

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