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All games that thesun is registered in:
Fog Low over the Castle
Xenzes - 12 players
Classic Large Map!
13 Families of the Illuminati
GiantGame (completed)
The Puffy Shirt (completed)
I like big maps, and I cannot lie (completed)
The Knick
Fiat Voluntas Tua (completed)
Facetime (completed)
Trail of Tears (completed)
From Kurosawa to Kiarostami (completed)
Big American Game - No Complaining (completed)
Endless Lands 4-3-14 (completed)
Original Rules NY (completed)
Completely standard original rules only (completed)
PTP Risk - it's cold down there (completed)
Tournament Rules: Standard Increasing (completed)
teams are for mooks this time with less mooks (completed)
ROOKS AND CROOKS V2 (completed)
GoT (completed)
fast2 (completed)
endess lands (completed)
PTP Does Europe 2: Hlime's Downfall (completed)
earth fast flat increasing (completed)
fast2 (completed)
PTP Does Europe (completed)
Earth The Final Frontier (completed)
PTP's Haunted Castle of Doom (completed)
Endless Lands 5-29-14 (completed)
Crumpus Rumpus (completed)
bfg101---roman empire--11 player scrum (completed)
let's get our victory selector achievement !! 4 (completed)
PTP Risk Round 2: In Risk No One Can Hear You Scream (completed)
giantmap 55-17 (completed)
giantmap 60-2 (completed)
giantmap 55-7 (completed)
giantmap 60 (completed)
giantmap 50-19 (completed)
giantmap 50-18 (completed)

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