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All games that James Kindlein is registered in:
Construction Cup Xenon
Construction Cup The Extreme Hexagon
Summer Classic 2 - Game 10b
Summer Classic 2 - Game 9a (completed)
Summer Classic 2 - Game 8b (completed)
Summer Classic 2 - Game 7d
Summer Classic 2 - Game 6d
Construction Cup Giantmap
Construction Cup Eternal Sands
Summer Classic 2 - Game 5d
Summer Classic 2 - Game 4a (completed)
Summer Classic 2 - Game 3b (completed)
Summer Classic 2 - Game 2a
Summer Classic 2 - Game 1b
RRL Pedestal Game 3 Season 8
LGSC3 - Champ of Champs (Inv) - Game A *2 to Advance* (completed)
LGSC3 - Top 16 Battle (Invitational) - Game D (completed)
Construction Cup Land of Quaz
Construction Cup Hexophilia
Spring Competition 2 - Game 10c (completed)
Spring Competition 2 - Game 9b (completed)
Spring Competition 2 - Game 8b (completed)
Number 2 (completed)
Number 1 (completed)
Spring Competition 2 - Game 7a (completed)
Spring Competition 2 - Game 6a (completed)
Spring Competition 2 - Game 5a (completed)
Spring Competition 2 - Game 4c (completed)
Spring Competition 2 - Game 3a (completed)
LGSC2 - LGSC2 Finale (13) - 2nd Round Game C (completed)
Spring Competition 2 - Game 2a (completed)
Spring Competition 2 - Game 1b (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 3c (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 2b (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 1c (completed)
RRL Pedestal vs Kill Pit (completed)
RRL Pedestal vs Fury (completed)
RRL Paragon vs Pedestal
LGSC2 - LGSC2 Finale (13) - 1st Round Game I (completed)
RRL Pedestal Game 2 Season 8 (completed)
RRL Pedestal Game 1 Season 8
LGSC2 - STD Open (4) - 2nd Round Game E (completed)
Construction Cup Freezes Over (completed)
Construction Cup My Sitar (completed)
Construction Cup Generika Black (completed)
Construction Cup Endless Lands (completed)
LGSC2 - Quazie Open (12) - 1st Round Game I (completed)
LGSC2 - Mindwarp Challenge (24) - Semi A *2 Advance to Final* (completed)
Testing Phase 2
LGSC2 - Ghetto Challenge (60) - 1st Round Game C (completed)
Winter Challenge 2 - Game 10b (completed)
Winter Challenge 2 - Game 7a (completed)
Winter Challenge 2 - Game 5b (completed)
Winter Challenge 2 - Game 4b (completed)
Winter Challenge 2 - Game 2a (completed)
Winter Challenge 2 - Game 1a (completed)
2017 Can Kiss My Arse 2018 Will be Awesome (completed)
Grandslam 10 Rnd 1 James Kindlein ZHHHHHHP and A BOT (completed)
RRL Paragon Pedestal (completed)
RRL Paragon Fury (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 1 (completed)
star trek (completed)
Grandslam 8 Rnd 1 James Kindlein Martihaav and A BOT (completed)
Grandslam 7a Rnd 1 CRonaldo James Kindlein and A BOT (completed)
Grandslam 7 Rnd 1 CRonaldo James Kindlein and A BOT (completed)
ULC Joker NC (completed)
CTL Finals Game 4 - Quintalia 4x3 (completed)
CTL Finals Game 3 - Time Immortal 4x4 (completed)
My First Game (completed)
CTL Finals Game 5 - EarthLG 4x2 (completed)
CTL Finals Game 2 - Kingdoms of Khaos 4x5 (completed)
earth fast flat increasing (completed)
risk attack quick game (completed)
quickie (completed)
Good old fashioned Earth With a twist (completed)
CTL Finals Game 1 - Ayatollahs 4x6 (completed)
test game #3 for new map (completed)
Mare Nostrvm (completed)
Hi Doggy Nice Doggy Ow Ow Ow (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - James Kindlein 1 (completed)
Europe in Disarray (completed)
Germany Flexes It's Muscles (completed)
CTL Game 20 - Game of Thrones 4x2 (completed)
CTL Game 11 - Haiti Awesome 4x2 (completed)
friends 5 (completed)
Grp 2 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Final Round (5) (completed)
CTL Game 19 - GentLC 4x3 (completed)
CTL Game 13 - Ext Europa v2 4x3 (completed)
Classic Conflict (completed)
Say U, Say Me (completed)
CTL Game 15 - China 4x4 (completed)
CTL Game 12 - Poseidon 4x4 (completed)
eight up (completed)
Cyprus Reunification (completed)
CTL Game 4 - a Pirate Island 4x3 (completed)
CTL Game 3 - Chromatic Straits 4x4 (completed)
Dragon Valley (completed)
U-12 (completed)
The Landlubbers Pratique (completed)
CTL Game 6 - Asian Invasion 4x5 (completed)
CTL Game 5 - Insurgent 4x6 (completed)
U-11 (completed)
The Inland Empire (completed)
Castle Rising (completed)
Mission Impossible Grp 5 Round 4 (completed)
RT, Fast, Flat (completed)
Blood Drips from the Thorns (completed)
Rd 3 Gp 2 Floodlands Mission (completed)
Jungle Boogie (completed)
Europe Bridges & Walls - 12 players (completed)
Floods-a-coming (50 players!!!) (completed)
No whiners - this is war - kingdoms of khaos (completed)
LGS Game 2 6x6 The Extreme Hexagon Long Division (completed)
The Longest Game Created in the History of LandGrab for GFY (completed)
Settings Copied from my Last Game with sun (completed)

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