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All games that maxinho is registered in:
LGSC2 - Bartman Open (39) - 1st Round Game D (completed)
LGSC2 - HellHound Open (38) - FINAL (completed)
LGSC2 - Chirenon Open (40) - Qualifying Game B (completed)
The Extreme Europa (completed)
LGSC2 - Kiznit Open (7) - 1st Round Game M (completed)
LGSC2 - Foist Open (6) - 2nd Round Game C (completed)
LGSC2 - HellHound Open (38) - 1st Round Game B (completed)
LGSC2 - HellHound Open (38) - Qualifying Game B *REAL* (completed)
Let?s have a big game
LGSC2 - HellHound Open (38) - Qualifying Game B (completed)
LGSC2 - Foist Open (6) - 1st Round Game K (completed)
Can we get to 100 players?
Superstars of Mars crammed challenge 36 hour (completed)
LGSC2- BJ Weener Open (5) - 1st Round Game N (completed)
LGSC2 - Orchestra Spy Open (27) - 1st Round Game D (completed)
Massive game (completed)
LGSC2 - Beatine Challenge (14) - 1st Round Game D (completed)
LGSC2 - Lord of the Rings Challenge (33) - 1st Round Game A (completed)
foggy floods (completed)
LGSC2 - Jistone Open (15) - Qualifying Game A (completed)
LGSC2 - Beatine Challenge (14) - Qualifying Game B (completed)
LGSC2 - Cool Injector Open (1) - 2nd Round Game D (completed)
LGSC2 - Lord of the Rings Challenge (33) - Qualifying Game A (completed)
ULTRABORIA 20180315 (completed)
Quaz Land Shootout
I Remember This Place! (completed)
Another game without Penelope (completed)
Fallout 2018 (completed)
I like big maps, and I cannot lie
Endless Lands VII
Cleaning my sword with your foggy @ss
Burnin' Down The House (completed)
like sands through the hourglass (completed)
Somebody give me a life boat
Endless Lands VI (completed)
Join to lament CI Foggy Mama, everyone?
ENDLESS LANDS V (completed)
100 ways to die
100 ways to die (completed)
Pure Evil (completed)
D1 ULC Rd 5 NO BLIND ALLEYS GROUP 4 (completed)
4x5 Massacre (completed)
More ANT (completed)
Hells Bells 2 (completed)
Public release Party 5 (completed)
Capitols Game (completed)
Who dares help me test this monster ? (completed)
Another ShowMR (completed)
Happy Days 3 (completed)
star trek (completed)
Sands through the hourglass (completed)
Endless forever (completed)
Kill Em All (completed)
ANT LGL Tryout 3x3 2nd game (completed)
ANT LGL Tryout 3x3 (completed)
Another great one from CI (completed)
Another great one from CI (completed)
WWII Europe 2 (completed)
Sitar (completed)
Your Country Needs You!!! (completed)
Enormous Lands 7 (completed)
beehive (completed)
Waterwor18 (completed)
One Map To Rule Them All (completed)
UCL Rd 2 Grp 1 Teamsters (completed)
Caps Dreaming and Scheming on a CI classic (completed)
ULC Grp 4 Rd 1 Lottery in Space: (completed)
Mod Asia Teams (completed)
Return to Castle Riskenstein (completed)
Big Arab Smash up (completed)
Big Brit Smash up (completed)
A Kinda Big Game (completed)
Big game (completed)
Settings Copied from my Last Game with sun (completed)

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