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All games that fusey is registered in:
7 Kingdoms Foggy Waters
Distant Lands - 10 players
Trenches - 8 players
Fully Infected
Battlefield Earth (Beginning of Turn Trade in)
Killing me Gently
Dichensia map
The Master Plan
billions 2019
Korea with Capitals & Fog (completed)
Lets Get Bloody
A Date with Doom
Godless pirates! (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20190104-1543) (completed)
Have You Never Been Mellow
Still One of My Favorite Maps
Earth With Antarctica (20181212-2211)
Pangea (completed)
Pie supper an a bottle ae ginger (completed)
Faroe Nuff (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20181129-2301) (completed)
Castle Increasing
hip kamilika holly kazop boom de da da hoo hoo (completed)
Old Grandmaster Map (completed)
Foggy Forever War - Mad Scientist Edition (completed)
This is your LAST chance! II
Earth Flat
Earth Increasing (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20181113-1735) (completed)
Ahoy! (completed)
Africa is going to blow up (completed)
Africa is going to blow up
Africa is going to blow up (completed)
Carry on Camping
Another Zombie
Earth With Antarctica (20181016-1357) (completed)
One of the highest rated maps! (completed)
Dilute Doctor Dead
Back and Beautiful (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20180919-1351) (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20180904-0821) (completed)
Desolation Island (completed)
Swing time
Earth With Antarctica (20180815-0815) (completed)
Capdancers (completed)
Caparazzi (completed)
13 guerilla (completed)
castle guerilla (completed)
Crowded Caps new footy season (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20180729-1431) (completed)
End of the World (completed)
counting all the assholes in the room im definitely not alone 6
Not faster Just the first 27 Ultra (completed)
Look twice
No Love
DEATHMATCH again (completed)
He Do The Police In Different Voices (completed)
there are still too many dicks on LG
Can we get to 100 players? (completed)
Ted's 99 Percent Radio Invisible Lab Talk Hour (completed)
Fast Break
Zombie (completed)
2017 Can Kiss My Arse 2018 Will be Awesome
Middle Earth (completed)
Whoop Whoop Some Good News for Me (completed)
BIG GAME SPECIALIST: Testring for 2017 with sets increase by 1 (completed)
Join to lament CI Foggy Mama, everyone? (completed)
Done before 2020 or your money back?
31 (completed)
The Knick
Trogdor (completed)
This is your LAST chance!
euro churo (completed)
Is it football season yet? (completed)
Apparently I'm not in enough games (completed)
3 day 1 play 3 (completed)
Trail of Tears (completed)
Twisting in the Wind (completed)
Play one of Yussi1870's Maps - 6 July 2014 (completed)
Game on
Humour me (completed)
CADdyshack (completed)
Name the game and select a map (completed)
Join if you suck at LandGrab (completed)
Shitty players welcome (completed)
f (completed)
Join this fucking game (completed)
409 Territories equals 10 for each with 100 to start (completed)
Cecil B da Thrilla in da Ali Frazier Manilla (completed)
One week 4 (completed)
A tribute to The Kinks (completed)
Australia (completed)
let's get our victory selector achievement !! 3 (completed)
Warhammer (completed)
Public release Party 2 (completed)
Deathmatch III (completed)
Ahoy! (completed)
Earth 5-14-14 (completed)
Center of Disaster FOW (completed)
One Week 2 (completed)
She's got the breath of a goose and a top shelf that won't quit (completed)
Toby (completed)
Neil deGrasse Wut? (completed)
Unbelievable III (completed)
Oceans 3 (completed)
Oceans 1 (completed)
Ahhrrr (completed)
10 Player Madness (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - marces21 -3 (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - thereverendryon 14 (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - thereverendryon 15 (completed)
Battlefield Earth (completed)
Oz (completed)
New map test game (completed)
2013 FttT - 1st out leaves the tournament (completed)
Grp 1 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Final Round (5) (completed)
Yugoslavia (completed)
war-05 (completed)
Blind Sands (completed)
Maritime Increasing - 15 players (completed)
Kings in the Corners (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - cjkuna 1 (completed)
Weekly 228 - 13 - 14-03-07 (completed)
2013 FttT - 1st out leaves the tournament (completed)
star trek (completed)
One Week 1 (completed)
Syrian Escalation - Play as Your Favorite Dictator (completed)
Why doesnt anyone make good games? (completed)
Cat Names From Your Past (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 27 (completed)
PostWar Germany (completed)
You Caught My Eye Maps 069 (completed)
You Caught My Eye Maps 067 (completed)
Coffeed Napoleon (completed)
2013 FttT - 1st out leaves the tournament (completed)
Real Roses Plastic Hearts (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20140214-0848) (completed)
Trenches (completed)
thereverendryon off to the east coast (completed)
Mission Impossible Grp 3 Round 4 (completed)
Lord of the Cock Rings (completed)
New map Test 2, blue planet - added portals (completed)
2013 FttT - 1st one killed will be eliminated from the tourny (completed)
2014 New Years Tourney - Lets Get In Shape - February (completed)
Sunflower Showdown as big as possible (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 7 (completed)
45 couches out a dorm window (completed)
Your Secret Porn Name (completed)
the impotency of speech came up and hit me that day and (completed)
Sin & Punishment (completed)
Blueberries (completed)
Famous People with the Last Name ROSE (completed)
The Fish Slapping Dance (completed)
Orcses Filth (completed)
much in the same way that bricks don't (completed)
Western Shore (completed)
Risk II 6 players (completed)
Caps game on Nice new CI map (completed)
Do i have my patience back for this (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - windancer 3 (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - windancer 1 (completed)
the extreme hexagon (completed)
2014 New Years Tourney - Lets Get In Shape (completed)
2014 Challenge Series - thereverendryon 1 (completed)
100K points to play (completed)
2014 Insurgents (completed)
Battlefield Earth (completed)
Burning Lands - 15 players (completed)
Ringing in the New Year with A Big Old LandGrab Game (completed)
Injector white (completed)
44 POUNDS OF PUSSY FOR RUE (completed)
Play Every Map with Exactly 225 Territories - 12 Nov 2013 (completed)
Play Every Map with Exactly 100 Territories - 16 Oct 2013 (completed)
I HAVE MISSED YOU (completed)
Kings of War (completed)
Challenge Series - Schmack 2 (completed)
Menagerie (completed)
Challenge Series - okashiikessen 1 (completed)
Grandpa Falcon's Leisurely Breakfast (completed)
betterfellas 1 (completed)
Clash of the Clans - flat rate placement (completed)
Invasion (completed)
Counting all the assholes in the room Im definitely not alone 4 (completed)
Open Collusion is for Pussies (completed)
Long not played Baffin Lands - including badge of 12 for the win (completed)
New game 17 (completed)
New game 7 (completed)
Happy Birthday to me for yesterday (completed)
LG is apparently Gay so lets go on Vagaytion (completed)
blind vision (completed)
Welcome Back Cyrus (completed)
Until the day that 8 x 8 x 8 is 4 (completed)
I have found the land of the proper mental people (completed)
Goodbye, Steve Jobs [1955-2011] (completed)
endless lands 65-2 (completed)
What will we have 7 years from now (completed)
the good the bad and the ugly (completed)
My Favourite Obsenity The Sequel Grudge Match (completed)
Basils Got Wind (completed)
Come Feel The Love (completed)
Krammed Khan (completed)
giantmap 50-5 (completed)
clash of the titans (completed)
I have spoken to God and he has allowed me to rebrand (completed)
Biggest Game in LandGrab History (completed)
the most ridiculous survivor (completed)

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