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All games that coolinjector is registered in:
Some gave all
This is your LAST chance!
Sacrilege (completed)
Grandslam 9 Rnd 1 vikingsoprano coolinjector and A BOT (completed)
A Little Hardball (completed)
2048 1st Game (completed)
GS7 replacement game Rnd 1 coolinjector Pennyworth and A BOT (completed)
War of Roses 2 (completed)
Red White and Screwed (completed)
Aussie Fog (completed)
Grandslam 3a semi final coolinjector thereverendryon and A BOT (completed)
Grandslam 3 semi final coolinjector thereverendryon and A BOT (completed)
midnight oil (completed)
Grandslam 3a semi final coolinjector thereverendryon and A BOT (completed)
1 AUSSIE RULES (completed)
1AUSTRALIA (completed)
1 japan concept game think tank (completed)
Grandslam 3 semi final coolinjector thereverendryon and A BOT (completed)
1200 with the works (completed)
Grandslam 5 Rnd 1 ZHHHHHHP coolinjector and A BOT (completed)
Grandslam 3 qtr final coolinjector Martihaav and A BOT (completed)
1australia test game (completed)
Australia Rules (completed)
Aussie Rules (completed)
test (completed)
test (completed)
Holy Roman Empire-Play test (completed)
Public release Party 1 (completed)
test (completed)
deCAPitator game 2 (completed)
1200 test game with mongolian bonus plus 2 (completed)
1200 test game (completed)
I only allow this to be played once every year (completed)
My Precious (completed)
euro trip (completed)
1200 Secret Test Game (completed)
test (completed)
Summer Camp time! (completed)
ixtab (completed)
ayatollahs (completed)
Grandslam 3 - Joshla Coolinjector and A BOT (completed)
Crappy Songs About The USA (completed)
Stone Deaf in the USA 2 (completed)
Bohemian Like Smeagol (completed)
ixtab (completed)
Maritime Domain 03 first test (completed)
ayatollahs no 1 (completed)
Colonial Chaos (completed)
The big Play test- Dark Ages Europe (completed)
13 FOW (completed)
the deCAPitator Game 1 (completed)
Rose Wars (completed)
8-Bit Awesomeness (completed)
My Precious is Mine (completed)
Powdered Wig Society (completed)
First out wins (completed)
The blacklist (completed)
Sitar (completed)
Europa Veritas et Fortitudo (completed)
Blind 13 (completed)
Blind sands (completed)
Eurovision 2014 (completed)
got 1776 problems but cornwalis aint one (completed)
tres (completed)
Stone Deaf in the USA (completed)
A Real CAD (completed)
Clash of the Clans (in the Fog) (completed)
3 (completed)
Coolinjector is a map genius! (completed)
New map test game (completed)
WAR OF THE ROSES 3 - SPRING (completed)
Upgrade Your Gray Matter (completed)
Positive Contact (completed)
test (completed)
ask yourself why play endless lands (completed)
I call Minas Tirith (completed)
europa (completed)
Nothing is Sacred (completed)
Fast Times at Minas Tirith High (completed)
Blind Queen -Tie your mother down (completed)
Blind Sands (completed)
GRAVEDIGGERS 100 PLAYS (completed)
GRAVEDIGGAZ (completed)
One for the long haul (completed)
Hobbits Feet (completed)
Go Commando! (completed)
Death by Orc (completed)
This is MTheory Epic Creationists Need Not Apply (completed)
One Map To Rule Them All (completed)
Trolls Goblins and other such MAP members need not apply (completed)
Weekly 228 - 13 - 14-03-07 (completed)
Precious Battle Royal (completed)
Lord of the Rings (completed)
M Theory Fossil Hunter (completed)
space race (completed)
War of Roses 2 (completed)
Mean street with capitals (completed)
Bad Hair Metal Bands (completed)
How Do You Think Those Mountains Got Misty (completed)
Bone Rhymes With Thrown (completed)
euro mix (completed)
europe with caps (completed)
It's all about the throne (completed)
precious (completed)
Heart Break Hotel and Pub (completed)
WoR with corrected borders (completed)
Real Roses Plastic Hearts (completed)
Silver Maps I: One of the many Europes (completed)
ALL OF THE TIME (completed)
Middle Earth Race Wars (completed)
Now how ya gonna vote on the other one (completed)
War of the Roses the sequel test game 2 (completed)
War of the Roses 2 tester (completed)
2 (completed)
Foggy England (completed)
euro churo (completed)
War of the Roses Haters (completed)
War of the Roses Fan Club (completed)
Syrian Escalation - Thunder Dome starring Tina Turner (completed)
Trenches - Play Test 3 (completed)
My Trench Is Moist (completed)
Heartbreak (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 18 (completed)
Lord of the Cock Rings (completed)
Old School War of the Roses (completed)
elf wives dont cook or clean house or do oral (completed)
Did Aragorn Have a Secret Love Child with a Goblin (completed)
Revenge of War of the Roses (completed)
Maritime Domain 02 play test (completed)
WofR (completed)
Dorks and Orcs (completed)
It Dont Matter if You're Orc or White (completed)
Gentlemen Prefer War of the Roses (completed)
Return of The War of the Roses (completed)
Chicks Dig Lances (completed)
crusher (completed)
crusher (completed)
Restuen of The Battle of 5 Armies (completed)
Foggy England (completed)
You Me and a Dwarf (completed)
Grave Diggers Anonymous (completed)
War of the Roses Super Clash (completed)
Borg plus Orc equals Borc (completed)
You Me and the Orc Borgs (completed)
ayatollahs (completed)
Roses (completed)
LOtR Battle of 5 Armies (completed)
Give War a Chance (completed)
Bad Hair Metal Ballads (completed)
I cancelled my Bitch Of The Month sub but you keep calling (completed)
Rar of the Woses (completed)
Your Secret Porn Name (completed)
Murder Increasing - 10 players (completed)
Until You Wilt (completed)
Middle Earth the Hard Way (completed)
Peter Jackson has Ruined the Hobbit (completed)
War of the Roses Pop and Lock addition (completed)
Precious 20 player fow caps (completed)
eye squiggles (completed)
I wouldnt hurt a fly (completed)
Famous People with the Last Name ROSE (completed)
Jeff Goldblume Invitational (completed)
Precious FOW CAPS (completed)
William Shatner Invitational (completed)
Grass Roots Movement (completed)
The Inland Empire (completed)
War of the Roses FOW CAPS 1 (completed)
War of the Roses with the works (completed)
Cant Stop Playing War of the Roses (completed)
War of the Roses 12 player (completed)
War of the Roses (completed)
new map test War of the Roses (completed)
Trying new Afghan map (completed)
war of the roses test (completed)
MAP cabal back-patting kotra praise game (completed)
Celebrating 400K with a Caps game (completed)
new map 1europe (completed)
1 Europe (completed)
LORD OF THE RINGS no fortress test game (completed)
One Map to Rule Them All (completed)
PreCiOUS test game (completed)
PReCioUS (completed)
The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly (completed)
The Extreme Russoregon: Fortresses (completed)
The Extreme Russoregon (completed)
Asian Century 1st Ever FOW Game (completed)
CIs B Sides presents Asian Century (completed)
africa test game (completed)
Until the day that 8 x 8 x 8 is 4 (completed)
giantmap 50-24 (completed)
My Favourite Obsenity The Sequel Grudge Match (completed)
37 people just for kicks (completed)
Krammed Khan (completed)

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