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All games that hajee is registered in:
pallae war (completed)
Ants Rock Starr (completed)
Ants Death House (completed)
Landgrab- Now with 10% more land and 20% more grab! (completed)
la victoria será mía (completed)
Fencing Lessons With Pirates aka Gettin Stabby Wid It (completed)
Luctor et emergo (completed)
bfg 106--roman empire (completed)
bfg104 (completed)
Sherrif Nottingham (completed)
tednugentcouldbeoneofheworstpeopleonearth (completed)
Round and round (completed)
Golden Turd (completed)
Nerd Alert!!!! (completed)
You're Up 8 (completed)
bfg91---roman empire (completed)
Frigate Duel What Shall we Do With The Drunken Sailor (completed)
April 17 (completed)
bfg88--roman empire--no continent bonus increases (completed)
do good be well (completed)
Stash that Loot (completed)
Cigarette Daydreams (completed)
war (completed)
Map Bucket List 001 (completed)

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