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All games that dixapix is registered in:
Burning war!
Where are all those players from 2011?
Stay out of my triangle
15 caps on a big map
Foggy Dark Ages
Fog over the Endless Lands
Hide in the endless lands
Blitzkrieg IV
When Hell Freezes Over in the Dark
Forever Young (completed)
More practice required
When You Play The Game Of Landgrab, You Win Or You Die
Quintessential brawlers
First Time For Everything (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (completed)
Have You Ever Been Experienced (completed)
Hi Doggy Nice Doggy Ow Ow Ow
Endless Lands in the Dark
I see you
Frankie says relax in times of disaster
Elimination WDR2G1 (completed)
Arm a Groudon
Crowded Caps Foggy Europa petition goes mad edition (completed)
Endless Lands, 24 players, caps
Davaj! (completed)
Fever to Tell (completed)
It A'int Easy Being Mean Joe Green
Endless Lands IX
Big, Aggressive Game!
TTTIII Group C (completed)
The Next 5 year long game
The Extreme Europa V2 (completed)
Elimination WDR1G3 (completed)
Europe in the dark (completed)
Blitzkrieg (completed)
Extreme Europa Nostalgia (completed)
LGSC2 - LGSC2 Finale (13) - 1st Round Game J (completed)
Mean Streets (completed)
United Europe Caps except UK obviously (completed)
7 Kingdoms Foggy Waters
Endless FOW, Where is everyone??
ABCapsDuel E is for Eagle Bay (completed)
LGSC2 - Quazie Open (12) - 1st Round Game M (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over (completed)
Fog over the Dark Ages
LGSC2 - Epic Challenge (59) - FINAL (completed)
it is Monday tomorrow :( (completed)
Foggy Castle (completed)
Endless Lands IV (completed)
bfg278--modern asia (completed)
Lunar New Year 2019 - Going for a Big Hell Freezes Over
who you starin at (completed)
Testing Phase 2
Crowded Caps With 60 Days and counting (completed)
Cap Game - 50 Players! A
Cap Game - 40 Players!
Cap Game - 30 Players! B
Cap Game - 30 Players! A
Hell YEAH!!! Peacocks be PEACOCKING!!!!!! (completed)
LGSC2 - Ghetto Challenge (60) - 1st Round Game B (completed)
ABABCB 2 - 10 players (completed)
Spring a leak
A fine and pleasant misery
LGSC2 - STD Open (4) - 1st Round Game B (completed)
Immortal Hate - 10 players (completed)
Battle Royale 24h (completed)
Pirate bay with Bots (completed)
Most difficult win - Ultraboria
LGSC2 - Epic Challenge (59) - 1st Round Game B (completed)
Zblgrag (completed)
Endless games without Penelope Cruz in the dark (completed)
LGSC2 - Evil Reflected Challenge (56) - 1st Round Game A (completed)
Ghetto (completed)
Millenium?BIG GAME?starts with those who are in on 01?01?2019
Real Time New Years Eve Game 1430 GMT (completed)
One on One RT (completed)
Still One of My Favorite Maps
Fog over the Roman Empire (completed)
LGSC2 - Vedex Open (11) - 1st Round Game I (completed)
christmas killing
f*** Santa's hat (completed)
Weather Overhead (completed)
Fast Flat Increasing (completed)
Napoleon Redux XXI (completed)
Valar Morghulis (completed)
LG (completed)
Capstle Massacre (completed)
RainyDaze (completed)
LGSC2 - Windancer Open (10) - 1st Round Game A (completed)
Flood Lands - Fog, Leaders, Forts
All good (completed)
Murder Increasing (completed)
Castle Increasing (completed)
Abc you and me (completed)
Nowhere to run to (completed)
When Hell Freezes over in the Dark w Leader (completed)
Endless Lands in the Dark w Leader (completed)
Foggy Forever War - Mad Scientist Edition (completed)
Foggy Britannia (completed)
A giant bloodbath (completed)
Paint It Black - 12 players
belars fog (completed)
Fog Low over the Castle (completed)
New Years RT Starts 01-01-2019 6PM GMT (completed)
Crammed with Turkey (Happy Thanksgiving)
The Fog of the Roman Empire (completed)
A game Penelope Cruise can't join (completed)
Sengoku Basara (completed)
Civil War II (completed)
Xenzes - 12 players (completed)
LGSC2 - Couch Tomato Open (23) - 1st Round Game B (completed)
bfg274--modern europe (completed)
bfg273--modern asia (completed)
LGSC2 - Angelwood Challenge (54) - 1st Round Game D (completed)
Where are all the players? Can we get 100?
Where are all the players? Can we get 30?
Where are all the players? Can we get 20? (completed)
at least we aren't rolling heads down pyramids - yet (completed)
Flame On (completed)
Team practice (completed)
Room to play (completed)
Quintalian Pirates (completed)
Foggy Dew Castle (completed)
LGSC2 - Isaiah40 Open (51) - 1st Round Game C (completed)
Crowded Caps, someone do the deal will you (completed)
M Theory Fun!
holla holla, holla hey (completed)
You know that it's
Giant conundrum (completed)
Teams are you ready 3 X 2 (completed)
dispersion immersion 6
dispersion immersion 5
Hexagon gone CrazZY
i am terribly hungover this morning
Classic Large Map!
European Fog (completed)
The dead walking
Of All The (completed)
Endless Lands VIII
Disaster Guerilla (completed)
Khaos Gruerilla (completed)
Forever War
Bermuda Triangle (completed)
counting all the assholes in the room im definitely not alone 6
Not faster Just the first 27 Ultra (completed)
I'm @ Leader (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over 30+ (completed)
Melting Pot (completed)
BJ Public Tribute - The Map that started it all (completed)
GiantGame (completed)
Let?s have a big game (completed)
Can we get to 100 players? (completed)
You Caught My Eye Maps 094 (completed)
A good game 3
2017 Can Kiss My Arse 2018 Will be Awesome (completed)
Chillin' Hard Or Hardly Chillin'?
I like big maps, and I cannot lie (completed)
Endless Lands VII (completed)
Come play with the kings (completed)
You Caught My Eye Maps: 088
Irma vs Harvey
The Thrill of Hope again
Pain Failure Fear Try!
Join to lament CI Foggy Mama, everyone? (completed)
my driving scares me too
Done before 2020 or your money back?
Unrest in Ukraine? (completed)
Ides Of March RT 44 players starts 3-15-14 at 6pm GMT (completed)
Play Every City Map - Stockholm Map 2 (completed)
Play Every City Map - Stockholm Map 1 (completed)
the usual suspects 4 (completed)
This is for the tough ones (batch of 12!) (completed)
goodfellas 4 (completed)
New game 6 (completed)
inglorious bastards 5 (completed)
pulp fiction 4 (completed)
dont go away mad just go away 8 (completed)
dumb and dumber 3 (completed)
One or more errors are listed below (completed)
New game 5 (completed)
New game 4 (completed)
Weekly 204 - Xenon - 9-10-12 (completed)
New Game 3 (completed)
New game 2 (completed)
Survival of the Luckiest: From 109 Players to 1 (completed)
New game (completed)
Fun 13 (completed)
Game name: (completed)
Play Every City Map - Simpsons Springfield (completed)
Weekly 190 - Flood Lands - 28-8-12 (completed)
Just Beause I Want To Be In A Huge Game with MY Color (completed)
africa test game (completed)
Absurd Flat Hex (completed)
Fun 12 (completed)
FYTD 2 (completed)
blind vision (completed)
Let's try this 4 (completed)
Let's try this 2 (completed)
floodlands (completed)
Weekly 173 - TESLA - 6-7-12 (completed)
big game (completed)
Huge Hex (completed)
Strange setting (completed)
Tributes Continue to Pour In (completed)
Let's try this (completed)
Play Every Unrated Map - 5 Jun 2012 (completed)
dont go away mad just go away 7 (completed)
47th (completed)
dumb and dumber 2 (completed)
42st (completed)
41st (completed)
177 (completed)
176 (completed)
slowest game in history
It'll be over quickly
jan 21 2012 (completed)
21th (completed)
how big can it get (completed)
The big 100k to play game (completed)
8th (completed)
Diebastards series 15 of 100 (completed)
Game Gigantic (completed)
The Longest Game Created in the History of LandGrab for GFY (completed)
Endless Lands 08-2011 (completed)
Trust me, you will die before this game finishes (completed)
Europa 24
smash the pony (completed)
Europa 20 (completed)
50 players large caps (completed)
the good the bad and the ugly (completed)
the wall (completed)

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