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All games that Coleus is registered in:
Americana (completed)
Middle Earth - REMATCH (completed)
Madagascar (completed)
The Chair is going to Isengard (completed)
Secret League (completed)
Classic (completed)
Burning Lands (completed)
S10 R5 - Europe Asia (completed)
USA USA (completed)
Daedalus (completed)
S10 R2 The Golden Age (completed)
S10R1 - Earth Classic (completed)
Apocalypto (completed)
S9 R7 - Whose fault is it anyway? (completed)
Maritime Mayhem (completed)
S9 R5 - It's Ruddy Baltic! (completed)
S9 R4 I want to be in America (completed)
Venice (completed)
S9 R2 - Japan (completed)
S09-R1 Caribean (completed)
Rock the Qasbah (completed)
Acadia (completed)

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