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All games that Sanji is registered in:
29 (completed)
Kinda Huge 40 Players M Theory Epic: May 2015
giantmap 50-40
7 (completed)
giantmap 55-21
World cup Lottery (completed)
Tournament Rules: Standard Increasing (completed)
Game on (completed)
Humour me (completed)
Help (completed)
f (completed)
School is over, let's fight! (completed)
giantmap 50-36 (completed)
D1 ULC Rd 5 NO BLIND ALLEYS GROUP 4 (completed)
giantmap 55-18
giantmap 50-35
TERRITORY GAINS Group 4 Round 3 (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 28: 4x2 TheNetherlands - SIX ZOM HGC PHO (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 27: 4x2 Napoleon LG - PHO ZOM EST MMM (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 26: 4x2 World LSG - SCH H2O PHO ZOM (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 25: Czech Republic - ZOM SCH MMM SIX (completed)
ULC Grp 5 Rd 1 Lottery in Space: (completed)
Big Team of the New year 2014 (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 3 (take 2): 4x5 Giantmap PHO MMM ZOM EST (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 4 - 4x5 Kingdoms of Khaos (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 2 - 4x5 Castle Massacre (completed)
LGL Chumps Game 1 - 4x5 Ayatollahs of Rockin Rolla (completed)
Counting all the assholes in the room Im definitely not alone 3 (completed)
Shrim!!! (completed)
Survival of the Luckiest: From 109 Players to 1 (completed)
Need more LG games in my life 5 (completed)
big players bigger points (completed)
The Wrath of Khan (completed)

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