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All games that Kander is registered in:
Killing me Gently
Fog over the Dark Ages
Failure is success if we learn from it (completed)
When Hell Freezes Over 10 Players Flat Rate
Ukraine - 8 players (completed)
Pangea (completed)
wet fart (completed)
End of the World III (completed)
Finger Fork Frank
Desolation Island (completed)
End of the World II (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20180815-0816) (completed)
Capdancers (completed)
Caparazzi (completed)
there are still too many dicks on LG
Superstars of Mars crammed challenge 36 hour (completed)
Happy Birthday to me for yesterday (completed)
LG is apparently Gay so lets go on Vagaytion (completed)
Weekly 173 - TESLA - 6-7-12 (completed)
big game (completed)
Strange setting (completed)
Tributes Continue to Pour In (completed)
Play Every Unrated Map - 5 Jun 2012 (completed)
dont go away mad just go away 7 (completed)
endless lands 65-5 (completed)
dumb and dumber 2 (completed)
natural born killers 4 (completed)
176 (completed)
I have found the land of the proper mental people (completed)
It'll be over quickly
jan 21 2012 (completed)
endless lands 65-4 (completed)
Game Gigantic (completed)
endless lands 65-3 (completed)
endless lands 65-2 (completed)
The Longest Game Created in the History of LandGrab for GFY (completed)
the good the bad and the ugly (completed)
the wall (completed)
giantmap 50-17 (completed)
giantmap 55-6 (completed)
giantmap 50-16 (completed)
giantmap 55-5 (completed)
giantmap 50-15 (completed)
giantmap 55-4 (completed)
giantmap 55-3 (completed)
giantmap 50-14 (completed)
giantmap 55-2 (completed)
big players bigger points (completed)
giantmap 55 (completed)
giantmap 50-13 (completed)
My Favourite Obsenity The Sequel Grudge Match (completed)
Basils Got Wind (completed)
141 Players-Try to Play Fast but It's Not Required: Life Happens
giantmap 50-10 (completed)
giantmap 50-8 (completed)
Biggest Game in LandGrab History (completed)
Join & Take Your First Move 8 Years From Today (completed)

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