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All games that Kander is registered in:
Connor Owen & Uncle Phil
Giantmap 40-4
Earth With Antarctica (20200903-1116)
3 Days at Ayatollahs of Rockin Rolla
A Foggy Week on the Giant Map
A Foggy Week in the Holy Roman Empire
A Foggy Week with My Sitar and ur Mama
7 Days in a Chris Jericho Reference
7 Days at Atomic Hex
Earth Flat Increasing 24HR Style (completed)
Crisis Biscuit
3 Days in the Holy Roman Empire
Earth With Antarctica (20200812-0747)
3 Days on mini earth (completed)
3 Days being massacred in some castle somewhere
Defeat the Evil Empire
Earth Flat Increasing 24HR Style (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 101 (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20200805-1302)
3 Days in the Extreme Europe
Bronze Map Tour 100
Giantmap 40-3
Earth Flat Increasing 24HR Style (completed)
7 Days in Japan
It's not enough | I need more | Nothing seems to satisfy (completed)
Endless Lands X
7 Days in Stalingrad again (completed)
Earth Flat Increasing 24HR Style (completed)
bfg322--13 colonies (completed)
LeedsaregoingupgoingupLeedsaregoingupLeedsaregoingupgoingup (completed)
bfg321-- modern europe
Summer Classic 3 - Game 10c (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 98 (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 96 (completed)
Stop beating me at my own games or I'll take my ball back home (completed)
Forever War
Summer Classic 3 - Game 9c (completed)
I feel like there should be a better skyrim map than this (completed)
Earth Flat Increasing 24HR Style (completed)
They Might Be Giants (completed)
Summer Classic 3 - Game 8c (completed)
Summer Classic 3 - Game 7a (completed)
I have a Black friend (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20200707-0033) (completed)
BountyGate Scapegoating Systemic Military Failure in Afghanistan (completed)
7 Days in HELL!
Summer Classic 3 - Game 6a (completed)
Fox News Anchor Ed Henry Fired After Disturbing Investigation
Why You Won't See 'Mrs Dash' On the Store Shelves Anymore
Giantmap 40-2
Giantmap 50-41
Summer Classic 3 - Game 5c
90% of the people in this game are losers
Golden Dragon Massacre (completed)
Crowded Caps Complete Britannia Increasing (completed)
Baffin Lands (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 95 (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 94 (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 93 (completed)
Perhaps you would like to create one (completed)
There are currently no open public games
Summer Classic 3 - Game 4a (completed)
Please Tell Me How Much You Love XTC and Why (completed)
7 Days trapped in a Castle (completed)
7 really dreadful days in that ass of a state called Alabama
Extremely Europe (completed)
Lok'tar Ogar (completed)
Summer Classic 3 - Game 3c
Giant Sahara Dust Cloud Is Here (completed)
30 players Mindwarp Capped 36 hours
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Three's The Charm
And More
We Need More
Summer Classic 3 - Game 2a (completed)
Flooded Crowded Caps
7 Days in Stalingrad (completed)
Summer Classic 3 - Game 1a (completed)
Mondayitis (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20200612-1144) (completed)
7 Days in STD's Modern Europe
Large Map (completed)
Creative revision theory
Bronze Map Tour 92 (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 91
Bronze Map Tour 90 (completed)
Ask for Answers (completed)
It has been a while since we played together (completed)
I am NOT in enough games
Hogwars advance (completed)
Replacement for a game I just deleted (completed)
7 Days in Afghanistan
7 Days in Africa, and parts of Europe apparently
Big deal
30 players Lets Go Fishin Capped 36 hours
Baby It's Cold Outside (completed)
Prosecute the police (completed)
Battle Royale Class of 2020 (completed)
The LG Social Protest Game (completed)
Giantmap 40-1
Charlemagne II (completed)
All you need is love! (completed)
Best of Times, Worst of Times (completed)
ruready4 Zblgrag Glrk LIII (completed)
Castle Time (completed)
Still alive and well?
Endless Lands (completed)
Endless Obsession (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 89
Bronze Map Tour 88 (completed)
Let's play some Landgrab about it (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20200528-0913) (completed)
Endless Lands, 15 players, caps (completed)
IDOLEYES Crammed 10 players (completed)
Operation Warp Speed (completed)
30 Players Bugs Reload Capped 36 hours
Endless Lands - Very Basic - More Foggy (completed)
Join NOW
30 Players Ixtab Dreaming Capped 36 Hours
Enterprise IV: The Voyage to Landgrab
Another Isolation Game
ruready4 british isles LVII (completed)
ruready4 Napoleon Redux XLIV (completed)
Moon Base Massacre (completed)
Asian Virus Labs
Nazi Bunker Battle (completed)
Flying Saucer Blues (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 86 (completed)
Civitatis Dei (completed)
COVID 19 realms LOTR style alt1
30 players Ayatollas Capped 36 hours
bfg313--extreme americas (completed)
Getting through lockdown with virtual quarantine (completed)
Crowded Caps British Isles 19c (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 85 (completed)
CAPTURE THE FLAG! (completed)
Battle 420 (completed)
capture the flag (completed)
Try again (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 84 (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 83 (completed)
Isolation escalation
ruready4 british isles LV (completed)
bfg312--Roman empire (completed)
Not ENOUGH! (completed)
Isolation Game 3
Endless Lands (completed)
Only two games left to join or I am on a lot of foe lists (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 81
Enhanced Community Isolation (completed)
Khaos (completed)
Hardball (completed)
Who wants to kill a millionaire? (completed)
Two Face (completed)
Crowded Caps Extreme Europa 2 (completed)
Hatchet Job (completed)
Nazi Bunker Battle (completed)
Vaughn's Valley Foggy Castle Version (completed)
ruready4 EarthAntLG LVI (completed)
Earth Flat Increasing (completed)
Hogwars returns again (completed)
They Might Be Giants (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
WHFO (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
New Game XXIII (completed)
ruready4 Napoleon Redux XLI (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 80
Centennial: 100 players
The British are Coming! (completed)
Corned beef and cabbage (completed)
Starship Enterprise
Is mayonnaise an instrument? (completed)
Superhero movies are overrated (completed)
Endless Lands - Really Basic (completed)
ruready4 british isles LIII (completed)
Post Break Quarantined Castle, hopefully again! (completed)
Rockin' Robin (completed)
Endless Quarantine (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20200406-1446) (completed)
Crowded Caps Extreme Americas medical advice from a cretin (completed)
Hex XL (completed)
All hail Charlemagne (completed)
Game 3 (completed)
IR (completed)
Hey, I'm trying to get a shiny star TRY TO STOP ME
Another week in quarantine (completed)
H (completed)
NA (completed)
bfg308--Roman empire (completed)
WHFO (completed)
ruready4 Napoleon Redux XL (completed)
ruready4 british isles LI (completed)
Senpai please notice me (completed)
LA SHOWDOWNN (completed)
WHFO (completed)
ruready4 EarthAntLG LII (completed)
Massage it, Kenneth (completed)
Isolation is not possible (completed)
Walk on the Wild Side (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20200325-2109) (completed)
LG (completed)
LG (completed)
bfg307--roman empire (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
1HRE (completed)
Hex (completed)
Insurgent (completed)
bfg305--extreme americas (completed)
bfg304--dark ages europe (completed)
Landgrabbers are great social distancers
Nazi Bunker Battle (completed)
Not Another One
Coronavirus Silver Linings (completed)
Generika Black
Self quarantined? More time for LG! (completed)
Immunity matters Isolation Induction (completed)
A week of Khaos (FOG)
Earth With Antarctica (20200312-0732) (completed)
Become One with the Plumbing (completed)
The Fruit of the Velveeta Tree (completed)
Nachos and Body Salsa (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20200307-0851) (completed)
Here there be giantmaps (completed)
This game will last forever (completed)
Famous giants
Eyeball, Corner Pocket (completed)
Bad Nature, or With Elvis in Mexico (completed)
Molly Ringwald and a Roll of Certs (completed)
Pastafarian With Meatballs (completed)
The Jig is Up (completed)
1 Horatio's Right Eye (completed)
1 Hitzlsperger's Rotary Engine
Like these settings, terrible at them, beat me (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20200216-2208) (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 71 (completed)
WHFOITD (completed)
2020 Febs Fast 7 Game 4a (completed)
Desolation Tessellation (completed)
A week in Dark Ages Europe(FOG) (completed)
A week in Modern Europe(FOG)
A week in Ukraine standard
War is bad (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 64 (completed)
SLX-ITALY_1801 (completed)
Bronze Map Tour 62 (completed)
Arabian Map (completed)
Apollyon (completed)
Gotham City (completed)
Hexed (completed)
JohnRedWolf's All-Map Tour (Gold) #8
JohnRedWolf's All-Map Tour (Gold) #7 (completed)
1H Roman Empire (completed)
Add the players (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
Pub brawl (completed)
Ultraboria (completed)
wut wut
HUGE map (completed)
Ultraboria (completed)
A week with My Sitar and ur Mama
WHFO (completed)
Smile (completed)
Don?t bruh me now (completed)
WHFO (completed)
The sun shines on the land
JohnRedWolf's All-Map Tour (Gold) #4
JohnRedWolf's All-Map Tour (Gold) #2
Game after a decade (completed)
Sitcom Battle 6x6
Dye beach (completed)
slow Castle game read game rules
It'll be over quickly
141 Players-Try to Play Fast but It's Not Required: Life Happens

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