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All games that kotra is registered in:
Win Santas Hat
Win Santas Hat
Win Santas Hat
Win Santas Hat
Win Santas Hat
Win Santas Hat
LGSC2 - Vedex Open (11) - Qualifying Game F
Win Santas Hat
Win Santas Hat (completed)
Win Santas Hat (completed)
Win Santas Hat (completed)
Win Santas Hat
Win Santas Hat (completed)
Win Santas Hat (completed)
LGSC2 - Windancer Open (10) - Qualifying Game C (completed)
LGSC2 - Christmas In August (9) - 2nd Round Game C (completed)
LGSC2 - Kotra Open (3) - 1st Round Game H (completed)
LGSC2 - Christmas In August (9) - 1st Round Game L (completed)
Zblgrag Glrk - 8 players
i am terribly hungover this morning
LGSC2 - Christmas in August (9) - Qualifying Game E (completed)
Turf Wars (completed)
LGSC2 - Desau Open (2) - 1st Round Game E (completed)
ruready4 Zblgrag Glrk X (completed)
LGSC2 - 1200 International (43) - 1st Round Game A (completed)
LGSC2 - Florida International (45) - Qualifying Game A (completed)
Zblgrag Glrk (completed)
LGSC2 - 1200 International (43) - Qualifying Game A (completed)
Not faster Just the first 27 Ultra (completed)
LGSC2 - Jeskin Open (8) - Qualifying Game D (completed)
Created for YOU
Desolation (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 8 (completed)
Marching our way
No Love
RRL Kill Pit Divisional Game 4 (completed)
RRL Kill Pit Divisional Game 3 (completed)
SHOWDOWN Q218 RND 4 GAME 5 OF 5 (completed)
SHOWDOWN Q218 RND 4 GAME 4 OF 5 (completed)
there are still too many dicks on LG
Oligarchs Lost in Oregon?
I went with the memory foam (completed)
Superstars of Mars crammed challenge 36 hour (completed)
RRL Interdivisional Kill Pit and Sewer Rats (completed)
RRL Interdivisional Fury and Kill Pit (completed)
RRL Interdivisional Pedestal and Kill Pit
You barely can see your hand in front of your eyes (completed)
Sick with the flu sigh ugh! (completed)
2017 Can Kiss My Arse 2018 Will be Awesome
Welcome Back Vikings O'Prano (completed)
dilute doctor dead (completed)
Whoop Whoop Some Good News for Me
Dust (completed)
Titanic IV (completed)
Somebody give me a life boat (completed)
Endless Lands VI (completed)
happy birthday juniorlovegroove (completed)
Join to lament CI Foggy Mama, everyone?
Some gave all
This is your LAST chance!
4 stars and more (completed)
Apparently I'm not in enough games (completed)
Hi Doggy Nice Doggy Ow Ow Ow (completed)
Cyprus quick (completed)
Rorschach Remix PlayTest (completed)
Play one of Yussi1870's Maps - 6 July 2014 (completed)
apple scruffs (completed)
lets go (completed)
Late nite 1 v 1 duel (completed)
Help (completed)
Quick War (completed)
rome (completed)
Boring Saturday Night - Mix it up; Camp Capture RT (completed)
Middle Earth Battle 1 (completed)
Quick!Quick!!Quick!!! (completed)
2048 1st Game (completed)
1 v 1 w newt bot (completed)
409 Territories equals 10 for each with 100 to start (completed)
Risk -;----- CAP (completed)
Tetanus Adventures 4 (completed)
Risk -;----- CAP (completed)
World on Fire (completed)
libber (completed)
One Week 3 (completed)
Ocean fog and seawalls (completed)
Have you played ? Vol I (42-99 terr) Game 5 (completed)
Shadow of Imperialism (completed)
Australia (completed)
bfg101---roman empire--11 player scrum (completed)
Fast Fight (completed)
Arctic fog and the bridge to nowhere (completed)
1 japan concept game think tank (completed)
MOTB D2G38 - 1H2B3T-16 (completed)
edfdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgfgdfgdfgdfgdfg (completed)
Flood (completed)
Greece here I come (completed)
USA today (completed)
Australia Rules (completed)
Public release Party 2 (completed)
deCAPitator game 2 (completed)
MOTB D2G34 - 1H2B3T-12 (completed)
Ant Rock Star (completed)
1200 test game with mongolian bonus plus 2 (completed)
Another ShowMR (completed)
You're Up 12 (completed)
1200 Secret Test Game (completed)
MOTB D2G27 - 1H2B3T-5 (completed)
MOTB D2G23 - 1H2B3T-1 (completed)
Maritime Domain 03 play test 3 (completed)
Maritime Domain 03 play test 2 (completed)
Thursday Afternoon RT Flat Fast (completed)
One on One RT (completed)
Unbelievable III (completed)
MOTB D2G20 - 1H1B4T-7 (completed)
Stone Deaf in the USA 2 (completed)
MOTB D2G17 - 1H1B4T-4 (completed)
MOTB D2G16 - 1H1B4T-3 (completed)
lucid dreaming in reality (completed)
Maritime Domain 03 first test (completed)
MOTB D2G12 - 1H1B6T-3 (completed)
MOTB D2G10 - 1H1B6T-1 (completed)
MOTB CDTG-3 (completed)
Ahhrrr (completed)
You're Up 9 (completed)
eight up (completed)
roman (completed)
marduk (completed)
#Venture I (completed)
the deCAPitator Game 1 (completed)
MOTB - D2G6 - FFA3-2 (completed)
MOTB - D2G4 - FFA2-2 (completed)
MOTB - D2G2 - FFA1-2 (completed)
You're Up 6 (completed)
Crazy Risiko! (completed)
Quick Game!!! (completed)
Fencing Lessons With Pirates aka Gettin Stabby Wid It (completed)
Ants Death House (completed)
I Am The Keymaster I Am The Gatekeeper (completed)
My Precious is Mine (completed)
The blacklist (completed)
Play Every Map Rated 10 - 12 Apr 2014 (completed)
You're Up 3 (completed)
Landgrab- Featuring Zapp Brannigan and Commander Kiff! (completed)
April (completed)
MAP - Syrian Escalation (completed)
vs (completed)
Korea with Capitals & Fog (completed)
F These Dice RT Game - Afghan Escalation - Starts at 2PM EST (completed)
Conspiracy Theories R Us (completed)
A Real CAD (completed)
bfg84---roman empire---no continent bonus increases (completed)
roma doma (completed)
gg (completed)
WAR OF THE ROSES 3 - SPRING (completed)
F These Dice - LG Podcast Episode 2 RT (completed)
revenge of the airplane armpits (completed)
We're off to see Kristie of OZ (completed)
Another of Kristie's Crazy Castle games (completed)
Landgrab- Featuring Zapp Brannigan and Commander Kiff! (completed)
that awkward feeling when _____ (completed)
This Too Will Pass Away (completed)
bfg79--roman empire--no continent bonus increases (completed)
NCIS (completed)
Mideast Mayhem (completed)
Just your typical Giant killing (completed)
Stab Or Be Stabbed Then Come To The Free Bandage Party After (completed)
Biblical Times (completed)
MAP - Caribbean (completed)
washed up on Maritime Domain 02 (completed)
This is MTheory Epic Creationists Need Not Apply (completed)
Strange Ally - Round 2 Final (completed)
quik (completed)
MAP reclass - Malta (completed)
blood in Cyprus (completed)
war (completed)
RT Fast Flat (completed)
TERRITORY GAINS Group 5 Round 3 (completed)
Consume more entertainment (completed)
You Caught My Eye Maps 066 (completed)
Bone Rhymes With Thrown (completed)
war (completed)
Earth Domination (completed)
quik (completed)
I may use a little muscle to get what I need (completed)
1 vs 1 Fast (completed)
Now how ya gonna vote on the other one (completed)
Late nite 1 v 1 duel (completed)
Foggy England (completed)
MAP - War of the Roses (completed)
euro churo (completed)
Only one winner duel (completed)
Tue 1 v 1 duel (completed)
indo war (completed)
My Trench Is Moist (completed)
Trenches (Test 1) (completed)
You + Me + Satan = 3 (completed)
Friday nite duel (completed)
Heartbreak (completed)
Lord of the Cock Rings (completed)
sengocu (completed)
giantmap 55-17 (completed)
New map Test 2, blue planet - added portals (completed)
Fast Earth (completed)
Maritime Domain 02 play test (completed)
Maritime Domain 02 test (completed)
Maritime Domain 02 test (completed)
realtime (completed)
Chicks Dig Lances (completed)
2014 New Years Tourney - Lets Get In Shape - February (completed)
UCL Rd 2 Grp 3 Teamsters (completed)
MAP - Maritime Domain 01 play (completed)
flat earth (completed)
Late nite 1 v 1 duel (completed)
Strange Ally - Round 1 Game 4 (completed)
Strange Ally - Round 1 Game 3 (completed)
Strange Ally - Round 1 Game 2 (completed)
Strange Ally - Round 1 Game 1 (completed)
Generika (completed)
Silver Map Tour Episode 1 (completed)
1 v 1 (completed)
MAP - Dragon Valley (completed)
Arill Advent (completed)
ULC Grp 5 Rd 1 Lottery in Space: (completed)
2014 New Years Tourney - Lets Get In Shape (completed)
100K points to play (completed)
Trying new Afghan map (completed)
war of the roses test (completed)
MAP cabal back-patting kotra praise game (completed)
Cart Cup 4 - Group D - PortlandOR (completed)
Cart Cup 4 - Group C - PortlandOR (completed)
Cart Cup 4 - Group B - PortlandOR (completed)
Jungle Boogie (completed)
conquer Middle Earth in style (completed)
Daily Increasing, Flood Lands III (completed)
1 Europe (completed)
Hexarma (completed)
What's Up Guys!! (completed)
I should play less games and read more books (I) (completed)
MAP - The Extreme Russoregon (completed)
1st test game on my 9th map (completed)
Mussst have the Preciousss (completed)
I HAVE MISSED YOU (completed)
Grandpa Falcon's Leisurely Breakfast (completed)
Walter White is Dead (completed)
GrandMaster 2013 round 3 - final (completed)
MAP - Lappland (completed)
Collateral Damage (completed)
Immortal warlords (completed)
PReCioUS (completed)
giantmap 50-31
that awkward feeling when _______ (completed)
The Fourth Great War (completed)
Turkey Jerky (completed)
The Bid For Rome (completed)
The Extreme Russoregon: Fortresses (completed)
The Extreme Russoregon (completed)
Big Arab Smash up (completed)
MASSIVE Arab Spring (completed)
CIs B Sides presents Asian Century (completed)
Resurrection (completed)
giantmap 50-30
BIG (completed)
Open Collusion is for Pussies (completed)
Long not played Baffin Lands - including badge of 12 for the win (completed)
giantmap 60-3
captainzombies nutjob game of the year 2013 (completed)
Family Game - Kid Friendly (completed)
Hexophilia (completed)
Hexopathic (completed)
giantmap 55-14 (completed)
Happy Birthday to me for yesterday (completed)
Just Beause I Want To Be In A Huge Game with MY Color (completed)
africa test game (completed)
Until the day that 8 x 8 x 8 is 4 (completed)
I have found the land of the proper mental people (completed)
It'll be over quickly
how big can it get (completed)
The big 100k to play game (completed)
Occupy Landgrab (completed)
8th (completed)
Goodbye, Steve Jobs [1955-2011] (completed)
The Longest Game Created in the History of LandGrab for GFY
ginormous game (that will actually start) (completed)
ginormous game

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