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All games that nielsen21 is registered in:
Chaos in the Foggy Kingdom (completed)
Sewer Rats Divisional Game 4 (completed)
RRL Sewer Rats Divisional Game 3 (completed)
RRL Interdivisional Paragon and Sewer Rats (completed)
RRL Sewer Rats Divisional Game 1 (completed)
World on Fire - Leaders, Fortresses, Large Armies (completed)
rape and kill in china (completed)
Truth or Consequences II (completed)
NCIS (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20140524-1737) (completed)
Murder in the dark (completed)
Seven Kingdoms (completed)
roman (completed)
WWII Europe 2 (completed)
beehive (completed)
j (completed)
Crimean Roulette A Pistol Duel In The Snow (completed)
PostWar Germany (completed)
lord of the rings (completed)
extreme europa (completed)
Time Machine (completed)
NapLG Cont+ Card+ (completed)
Titanfall: Cloud Destroyer (completed)
Menagerie smash 4 (completed)
JoinThisGame (completed)
Five (completed)
Zombocalipse (completed)
Flat (completed)
Crossbow Theatre (completed)
Ninja Rules (completed)
Risk II 8 players (completed)
One (completed)
Risk II 4 players (completed)

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