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All games that plasticfool is registered in:
Business up front, party in the back
Civil War
Come play with the kings
X-Game (completed)
Landgrab- Featuring Zapp Brannigan and Commander Kiff! (completed)
Death Wish (completed)
bfg107---alpha-orion (completed)
Novorossiya? (completed)
zaxbys or chik filet (completed)
WrestleMania (completed)
bfg79--roman empire--no continent bonus increases (completed)
I beleib in life after love (completed)
2-3m-14 (completed)
roma (completed)
Mideast Mayhem (completed)
Your turn (completed)
rancore (completed)
Forced Dispersion Kingdoms (completed)
Super Fun Back-stabbing Secret Alliance Time (completed)

LandGrab version 4.8.4   Changelog
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