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All games that n00bz is registered in:
Trenches - Fog
Hogwars overpopulated
India is great 56
India is great 55
India is great 54
Earth With Antarctica (20201122-0001)
India is great 53 (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20201119-0908)
Barbed Wire Love
Earth 24 Hours #1
Operation Hardball
play test my map 2
4 da larf
you are going to borg, I am going to win (completed)
Nov 3 (completed)
Nov 1
India is great 52 (completed)
Kingdoms of Khaos
Food groups team 6x6
tis the season epic fz team
Hogwars advance overpopulated
Hogwars advance in the fog (completed)
Red Ribbon
c (completed)
ruready4 Zblgrag Glrk LXIII (completed)
That jughead won't hold my pony (completed)
Gosenbach (completed)
Why nobody make no more week long games no more?
India is great 51 (completed)
India is great 50 (completed)
India is great 49 (completed)
India is great 48
India is great 47 (completed)
India is great 46 (completed)
Earth while it lasts (completed)
India is great 45 (completed)
earth cafe
Hogwars advance on an overpopulated earth (completed)
ruready4 Zblgrag Glrk LXII (completed)
India is great 44 (completed)
s h o w m i s t e r
earthing (completed)
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (completed)
India is great 43 (completed)
hamid1038-Game (completed)
India is great 42 (completed)
Heart of Darkness
India is great 41 (completed)
return to earth (completed)
New Order (completed)
The Perfect Kiss (completed)
Earth With Antarctica (20201002-1216)
Earth With Antarctica (20201002-1213) (completed)
earth butts (completed)
Realtime Earth with Antarctica (completed)
earthin' (completed)
India is great 40 (completed)
Roman Empire Again, Yeah (completed)
India is great 39 (completed)
earth, wind, and fire fire
ducks fly together (completed)
ducks fly together (completed)
No Wah Wahhh's
Grabbin (completed)
Less Ends (completed)
India is great 38 (completed)
Paint a Vulgar Picture (completed)
angle to the dangle (completed)
mister 1 (completed)
bursts (completed)
Genoa Salami And Provolone (completed)
Tarantinos Foggy Khaos (completed)
FoW Chaos Conflict - 24 hours
team showmr (completed)
all for one or one for all (completed)
B0T-r-us (completed)
Mister Bot (completed)
Last Bot Standing (completed)
bots only (completed)
diff map 4 u (completed)
skittles (completed)
7 Days on Beatine OT
mister mister (completed)
The Return of LandGrab (completed)
Hogwars advance (completed)
India is great 30 (completed)
bfg327-- roman empire (completed)
India is great 29 (completed)
India is great 28 (completed)
Saving Matt Damon (completed)
Read My Mind (completed)
One Hit Wonders (completed)
India is great 25 (completed)
waffles (completed)
Regular Risk ReReRematch (completed)
Castle Rock (completed)
Hi (completed)
trench boi 2 (completed)
belarus (completed)
big map for 5 (completed)
oh no (completed)
r o s e s (completed)
s h o w m r (completed)
Caps Cap (completed)
7 Days in Stalingrad again (completed)
don't join my game (completed)
bfg320--roman empire (completed)
Trump is a lifelong failure (completed)
7 Days in a on WTF is this?
The Take Off and Landing of Everything (completed)
trench boi (completed)
EFZ (completed)
SHOWMR (completed)
xorm xorm (completed)
fast fog, no cap (completed)
EFZ (completed)
fogz (completed)
4 in a foggy bay (completed)
join my game (completed)
36 Degrees (completed)
Rusty Map Tour 33 (completed)
The Modern Age (completed)
B4TUS (completed)
sick in the head (completed)
Endless LAnds 2 Leaders 2 Fortifications June 26 (completed)
KofKhaos - Free for All (completed)
Friends in Belarus (completed)
uh, earth to meekus, duh ok (completed)
belarus (completed)
Modern State Caps (completed)
BELAR US (completed)
BL LG (completed)
ZG1 (completed)
florida (completed)
ZG LG (completed)
ze sunshine state (completed)
IR 001 (completed)
O HB (completed)
chaos reigns (completed)
Trenches 12H Foggy (completed)
the floor is lava (completed)
grabbin' land (completed)
HB (completed)
Immortality Is Close (completed)
EndlessLands 2 Leaders 2 Fortifications June 17 (completed)
IR3 (completed)
Lowlands Feud 20200616 (completed)
4 in a foggy castle (completed)
IR (completed)
IR FOGGY (completed)
IR2 (completed)
HOTLANTA (completed)
attack (completed)
RISK IT ALL (completed)
Epic2FZ 2 Leaders 2 Fortifications June 14 (completed)
There Goes the Fear (completed)
Rusty Map Tour 28 (completed)
Hogwars advance (completed)
LG (completed)
IR (completed)
red skittle (completed)
Grim Fandango (completed)
time to play (completed)
fast realtime (completed)
Shazam! (completed)
you guys want some cookies? (completed)
fine time (completed)
join my game, it'll be something (completed)
fast-ish play (completed)
No bots allowed (completed)
hey hi hello (completed)
pancakes and waffles (completed)
entertain me clown (completed)
Hardballing 2 (completed)
Let's Groove (completed)
last days of the earth as we know it (completed)
CARMEN SAN DIEGO (completed)

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