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All games that Fangsterific is registered in:
No more books no more teachers dirty looks
Slava Ukrayini! Heroyam slava! (completed)
Going down with the ship (completed)
Fly Casual (completed)
Land of the 7 Dwarfes (completed)
Giant Insect House (completed)
Hide and Seek in Medieval Europe (completed)
Knights of the Round Table (completed)
One Ring to Rule Them All (completed)
Castle of Doom (completed)
Can we get to 100 players?
Resistance is Futile (completed)
The Irish Inquisition take 2 (completed)
The inquisition comes to Ireland (completed)
Assault Borgs! (completed)
Land of the 7 Dwarfes (completed)
Presidential War (completed)
You take the high road and I'll take the low road (completed)
First game in a while (completed)
You Caught My Eye Maps 093
A Series of Unfortunate Events (completed)
Vampires and Witches (completed)
Gorilla glue (completed)
Name Game (completed)
3 (completed)
Lost in Space (completed)
Swampy swamp full of swamp people
Mono a Mono a Mono (completed)
Snake Pit (completed)
First Time For Everything (completed)
A Game of Thrones (completed)
Freya Rising (completed)
Skandinativa Rising (completed)
Ready Player One (completed)
Hide and Seek take 2 (completed)
Hide and Seek in Europe Take II (completed)
Hide and Seek in Europe (completed)
Redo (completed)
Maybe I'll win this time (completed)
Imagine this as Westeros Take II (completed)
Frodo would have wanted it this way (completed)
Across the pond (completed)
Star Wars makes me happy (completed)
Ants Death House (completed)
3 (completed)
SLX-ITALY_W1602 (completed)
3 (completed)
Spring Break cannot come soon enough (completed)
tight thinker tax (completed)
NYC 3-day turns (completed)
Immortal Warlords in the Dark w Caps (completed)
That was quick (completed)
CADness (completed)
Happy Birthday Tolkien (completed)
Holiday Mayhem in Cville (completed)
Holiday Mayhem (completed)
Resistance is Futile (completed)
kiss my asp (completed)
True Fog (completed)
Stunning (completed)

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