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All games that Battalions is registered in:
Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A Pirate's Life For Me!
1v1 (completed)
1v1 (completed)
1v1 (completed)
1v1 (completed)
1v1 (completed)
bfg264--Roman empire (completed)
ruready4 Zblgrag Glrk 4 (completed)
Wierd Game (completed)
LG (completed)
Banana WiFi (completed)
I've never won on Rockin Rolla (completed)
ruready4me Napoleon Redux 2 (completed)
LG (completed)
Kings Castle (completed)
LG (completed)
PostWar Germany (completed)
Korea with Capitals & Fog (completed)
Castle of Doom (completed)
Legendary Rockers (completed)
Immortal Warlords in the Dark w Caps (completed)
Luctor et emergo (completed)
Trench Warfare - - True Fog
Win or Die (completed)
kiss my asp (completed)
Anarchy! (completed)
Europe (completed)
Me too (completed)
20 is big enough 1 of 20 Fog fight (completed)
LG (completed)
ENDLESS LANDS V (completed)

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