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All games that PenelopeCruise is registered in:
In A 808 State (completed)
Lesser Known Maps - Game 5 (completed)
Lesser Known Maps - Game 3 (completed)
Lesser Known Maps - Game 2 (completed)
Test (completed)
Get in touch with your Viking Roots (completed)
ruready4 EarthAntLG XXXIV (completed)
Weapons of Mass DOStruction (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
Back in Black (completed)
Castle 0ne (completed)
ruready4 Zblgrag Glrk XXIII (completed)
Are you ghetto fabulous? (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
SLX_WAR-0504 (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
Quintessential brawlers (completed)
Middle Earth
North American Pioneers (completed)
Pantastic (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
First Time For Everything (completed)
First Time For Everything (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (completed)
Have You Ever Been Experienced (completed)
First Time For Everything (completed)
First Time For Everything (completed)
Have You Ever Been Experienced (completed)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
First Time For Everything (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (completed)
Have You Ever Been Experienced (completed)
Have You Ever Been Experienced (completed)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (completed)
ruready4 EarthAntLG XXXIII (completed)
It's 4:20 Somewhere (completed)
Shake off the rust (completed)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (completed)
I see you
Haiti Map (completed)
The Italian Job!!!! (completed)
PostWar Germany (completed)
China (completed)
Crazy Risiko! (completed)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (completed)
Fighting with brothers (completed)
First Time For Everything (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Elimination WDR2G1 (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
LGSC2 - LGSC2 Finale - 2nd Round Game B (completed)
Arm a Groudon (completed)
Belarus (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Camp Time (completed)
Crowded Caps Foggy Europa petition goes mad edition (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Eventually after much practice I will win this (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
First Time For Everything (completed)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (completed)
Have You Ever Been Experienced (completed)
Have You Ever Been Experienced (completed)
Counter Strike: de_dust2 (completed)
Endless Lands, 24 players, caps (completed)
Grave Diggers Anonymous (completed)
Crazy Risiko! (completed)
Crazy Risiko! (completed)
Eight Players in Hell (completed)
Trying out maps 07- LETS GO FISHIN (completed)
Earth CV - Card Bonus Challenge (completed)
Battle of Atlanta (completed)
ruready4 british isles XXX (completed)
Napoleon Redux XXVI (completed)
ruready4 EarthAntLG XXXII (completed)
ruready4 Zblgrag Glrk XXII (completed)
Blitzkrieg II (completed)
Shiver me timbers, arrrhhhh (completed)
Army of Darkness (completed)
Fever to Tell (completed)
AlphaO (completed)
Wert (completed)
IG98 (completed)
IG88 (completed)
IGU (completed)
Ciganija (completed)
euro war (completed)
Crowded Caps all just a little bit of history repeating (completed)
Castle Risk - ish (completed)
Endless Lands IX
Test (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 3b (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 2c (completed)
RRLC Round 1 Game 1a (completed)
Ted Nugent (completed)
uranus (completed)
Try the Anarchy Challenge (completed)
Round and round we go (completed)
IGUANAS (completed)
TTTIII Group B (completed)
RRL Minions 14 player game remake (completed)
RRL Sewer Rats vs Minions remake (completed)
ruready4 EarthAntLG XXXI (completed)
Napoleon Redux XXV (completed)
The Extreme Europa V2 (completed)
NO BORG (completed)
Join (completed)
pipi pupu (completed)
Moider (completed)
Ging gang goolie (completed)
Irish Doll (completed)
DORC (completed)
Elimination WDR1G1 (completed)
Europe in the dark (completed)
Blitzkrieg (completed)
Trying out a setting (completed)
Never played this map before (completed)
Starting from nothing (completed)
Greece (completed)
Napoleon (completed)
Extreme! (completed)
Ghetto 2019 (completed)
Germany V1 Rocket (completed)
Siren's call (completed)
risk (completed)
celebrities chew cud (completed)
new game (completed)
Georgia STD (completed)
Its not easy being Greece (completed)
LGSC2 - LGSC2 Finale (13) - 1st Round Game G (completed)
Mean Streets (completed)
emperor xi's rape of far east (completed)
United Europe Caps except UK obviously (completed)
Gallaecia Regnvm (completed)
sitting in your chevy making skidmarks - brownstain (completed)
7 Kingdoms Foggy Waters
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (completed)
Follow The Yellow Brick Road (completed)
emperor putin's rape of the baltics!!! (completed)
ruready4 EarthAntLG XXX (completed)
ruready4 Zblgrag Glrk XXI (completed)
Napoleon Redux XXIV (completed)
Endless FOW, Where is everyone?? (completed)
Royal Rumble (completed)
Construction Cup Freezes Over (completed)
Construction Cup My Sitar (completed)
Construction Cup Generika Black (completed)
Construction Cup Endless Lands (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
National Emergency Caps (completed)
hi (completed)
RoomToRoam (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Freebooter (completed)
Forgetten Realm (completed)
ORC DORC (completed)
Floating Islands (completed)
euro war (completed)
Zombie invasion (completed)
EarthLG 24h (completed)
First Time For Everything (completed)
Fabled Albion (completed)
Tlorean (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
First Time For Everything (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
emperor xi's rape of japan (completed)
Appliers War II (completed)
Battlefield Earth (Beginning of Turn Trade in) (completed)
AO (completed)
ME (completed)
Fog over the Dark Ages (completed)
So Let's Raise the Bar and Our Cups to the Stars (completed)
The Force of Love Beginning (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
Evil Reflected (completed)
Eternal Sands (completed)
Emerald valley (completed)
Earth 110 (completed)
Endless Lands IV (completed)
try new map - concentrics with jumping (completed)
Great War (no team) No looser (completed)
Eagle Bay map (completed)
Dungeon map (completed)
Duchy of Granada map (completed)
bfg278--modern asia (completed)
bfg277--Roman empire (completed)
bfg276--Roman empire (completed)
Duchy of Castille map (completed)
Ducentium map (completed)
Lunar New Year 2019 - Going for a Big Hell Freezes Over
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 7b (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 6d (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 5d (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 4b (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 3a (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 2a (completed)
2019 Febs Fast 7 Game 1a (completed)
Distant lands Rev (completed)
9915 (completed)
EarthLG standard (completed)
Dichensia map (completed)
1227 (completed)
Coolwrkz map (completed)
emperor xi's rape of far east (completed)
LGSC2 - Quazie Open (12) - 1st Round Game B (completed)
Earth is flat (completed)
Cyprus 2019 (completed)
Czech 2019 (completed)
Dark ages 2019 (completed)
Survival game I (completed)
p (completed)
EarthLG 24h (completed)
Arggggggh (completed)
SLX_ Sicily_2801 (completed)
Crowded Caps With 60 Days and counting (completed)
63 (completed)
Nowhere to hide 2019 (completed)
LandoGrabrissian (completed)
Cap Game - 50 Players! A
Cap Game - 40 Players!
Cap Game - 30 Players! B
Cap Game - 30 Players! A (completed)
Center of disaster 2019 (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Calendria 2019 (completed)
Bridges 2019 (completed)
ruready4 EarthAntLG XXIX (completed)
Six Players in Hell (completed)
Nine Players in Hell (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Hell YEAH!!! Peacocks be PEACOCKING!!!!!! (completed)
Bloody Sunday (completed)
BritishIsles on the rocks (completed)
In the now (completed)
Ballroom Blitz (completed)
Threat level Midnight (completed)
Korea with Capitals & Fog (completed)
Crazy Risiko! (completed)
Crazy Risiko! (completed)
Normal is boring (completed)
Conquer from with (completed)
Be a voice not an echo (completed)
pinoy war (completed)
emperor xi's rape of china (completed)
Failure is success if we learn from it (completed)
Are We just Fish in a Bowl (completed)
is a "man cave" what i think it is? (completed)
china had a tantrum and blew their load on the world stage (completed)
samurai war (completed)
To the Death Star Batman (completed)
Extreme Ireland (completed)
Free Bird (completed)
Spring a leak (completed)
Forever Young (completed)
Copy and paste (completed)
Payback (completed)
Inverted reality (completed)
ruready4 Zblgrag Glrk XX (completed)
bfg--Roman empire (completed)
Jokes on You (completed)
A fine and pleasant misery (completed)
One Ring to Rule them all (completed)
LGSC2 - Epic Challenge (59) - 1st Round Game D (completed)
LGSC2 - STD Open (4) - 1st Round Game T (completed)
First Time For Everything (completed)
Battle Royale 24h (completed)
KTM (completed)
Most difficult win - Ultraboria
Let's take a ride and run with the dogs tonight in suburbia (completed)
14 (completed)
Follow the Yellow Brick Rd (completed)
LGSC2 - Dungeon Challenge (62) - Qualifying Game D (completed)
holy roman fog (completed)
ruready4 EarthAntLG XXVIII (completed)
Zblgrag (completed)
Earth 24h (completed)
WW2 (completed)
Have You Ever Been Experienced (completed)
Feud In Europe? (completed)
Tonton Macoute (completed)
NO BORG (completed)
It's Messi (completed)
ITALY_slx2912 (completed)
Bama (completed)
Have You Never Been Mellow (completed)
StarWars A Galaxy Divided (completed)
use your snot to clean your wife's (completed)
rgtffg (completed)
Xmas Mayhem (completed)
SUMMER DREAM (completed)
Still One of My Favorite Maps
Weather Overhead (completed)
Pangea (completed)
?????? (completed)
PythagorasPlundering (completed)
RainyDaze (completed)
The Marines have landed 2 (completed)
All good (completed)
Abc you and me (completed)
Nowhere to run to (completed)
A giant bloodbath (completed)
So Bad They're Good - Rust Map Tour - Game #4 (completed)
5th (completed)
Where JJ Abrams Has Gone Before (completed)
Chaos in the Foggy Kingdom (completed)
I like dinosaurs (completed)
Sengoku Basara (completed)
Civil War II (completed)
bfg274--modern europe (completed)
Where are all the players? Can we get 100? (completed)
Where are all the players? Can we get 30?
Where are all the players? Can we get 20? (completed)
at least we aren't rolling heads down pyramids - yet (completed)
Flame On (completed)
Quintalian Pirates (completed)
5684 (completed)
Defending the Castle! (completed)
1 (completed)
M Theory Fun!
Paint It Black - 12 players (completed)
Roman Empire - 10 players (completed)
Halloween Special! (completed)
SLX_AMERICA_0610 (completed)
SLX_Sicily_0610 (completed)
Cool, underrated map! (completed)
dispersion immersion 6
dispersion immersion 5
Castle (maybe my favorite map!) (completed)
Zblgrag Glrk - 8 players (completed)
Xenzes - 15 players (completed)
Classic Large Map! (completed)
Castle - 10 players (completed)
Halloween Special (completed)
Dispersion Immersion 4
Dispersion Immersion 3 (completed)
Dispersion Immersion 2 (completed)
Dispersion Immersion 1
Lil Hitler
The Shareef don't like it; Rockin' the Casbah; Rock the Casbah! (completed)
Endless Lands VIII
Bermuda Triangle (completed)
13 Families of the Illuminati (completed)
Fast Break (completed)
Another big one but with leaders (completed)
Captain Zombies Return
A good game 3
Chillin' Hard Or Hardly Chillin'?
Endless Lands VII (completed)
You Caught My Eye Maps: 088
Irma vs Harvey
the cucks
Join to lament CI Foggy Mama, everyone? (completed)
my driving scares me too
Unrest in Ukraine? (completed)
Elemental Kingdoms: big game (completed)
Trump's in da ghetto
Elemental Kingdom: Big Game
The Knick
29 (completed)
Scimitars and Sunglasses
puppy monkey baby
AKs and flatscreens
Some gave all
14 (completed)
Kinda Huge 40 Players M Theory Epic: May 2015

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